The S&S Funding Company (TM) Scale

When YOUR Bank or Credit Union tells YOU NO!, we just might have a YES! answer up our sleeve(s)...we are the SCALE of the FUTURE when dealing with Funding and the LGBTQ+/Minority Communities, this is what we do and we do it with Class and Taste, this is our PLAYGROUND its been our PLAYGROUND FOR WELL OVER 39 YEARS PLUS so we can get YOU the FUNDS YOU needs and requirements up to $USD 50 Billion, WE ARE LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS AND ARE IN NEED OF OUR SERVICES AND RESULTS.


S&S Funding Company (TM) is a very OLD concept when concerning the Factoring the time went on S&S Funding Company (TM) was a force within its communities for the LGBTQ+ and Minorities within the Entire USA, it was not within Canada, nor any part of Mexico, that part of the company didn't happen until July 30, 1988 at that time we started to branch out into the actual funding/loans field 39 years plus later we now are the VERY BEST at what we do.


Now we at S&S Funding Company (TM) is a hip Commerical Financial Company, that is NOT YOUR Traditional Bank(s), Credit Union(s), nor are we a Mortgage Company(ies) and/or Payday Loan Company...we are the Other Guys/Girls we are an Alternative to what once was YOUR MOMS & POPS Banking system...we are the 98.9% YES! People, its HARD (NO PUN INTENDED) for us to say "NO!" if the plan for funding/loans is/are valid and legit. starting on July 30, 2022 @ 12 noon (MST) we will start doing PERSONAL LOANS ON A LIMITED TIME BASIS or until 12/31/2022 which said Personal Loan Program will EXPIRE @ 12 Midnight (MST), so, HURRY before its too late., if interested leave us YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Again, WELCOME TO THE NEXT STEP IN BUSINESS FINANCING & MORE.

  • S&S Funding Company (TM) the PRIDE of a LGBTQ+/MINORITY Nation, et al

    S&S Funding Company (TM) is very proud of who and what we have done over the 39 plus years from Factoring, Cash Advancements, LBO's, MBO's, Pre Settlement Funding, Business Equipment Loans, and More...we are not a Bank, Credit Union, Mortgage Company we are what is an Alternative to what we have done and we still plan on doing. Understand that in life the pains of a "N-O, no ANSWER was like putting a HOT Knife in our backs" so, S&S Funding Company (TM) is the savior of the LGBTQ+ and Minority communties as noted for well over 39 plus years we have been in the background SAVING with PRIDE, JUSTICE and HONOR the LGBTQ+/MINORITY WAY.

  • Is Crypto currency the future...our is it all HYPE?

    Actually that answer comes into two (2) (1) being we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) actually believe that Cryptocurrency is the DIGIITAL FUTURE, but they are NOT the NORM and the USA doesn't INSURE their investment, but for those who have the funds to invest this MARKET IS HOT RIGHT NOW, YES!, its down, but hot out of the game in a LONG SHOT, look we are not endorsing Cryptocurrency we are just saying it is worth the LOOK AT.

    The next part of the ANSWER is that Cryptocurrency is 100% SAFE when done right, but like aways look out for those who only interest is to SCAM, even CON YOU and YOURS out of money, now the BBB Office may be able to assist YOU and YOURS, as well as YOUR Local AG's Office and Authorities, so before YOU decide to go for it check them out first before YOU hand them over the money - CHECK THIS OUT WITH THEM FIRST.

  • STOP!!! Not ever Financial Company is all what they CLAIM...WE ARE ALL THAT AND MORE.

    Now it is 100% TRUE that not every Financial Company is above board, they are FLY BY NIGHT company(ies), they are ONLY out for one thing and that is to see if they can CATCH YOU the FISH and HOOK YOU and YOURS MONEY...they will make YOU and YOURS feel like they are YOUR only hope in life, they are NOT, they claim they can help YOU and YOURS, but first they need the MONEY, that is not in YOUR and/or OUR BEST INTEREST to ask for any type of FEES/COSTS UPFRONT, we operate on at least getting YOU approved first, than once we have YOUR approval and we show YOU proof of FUNDING, than we ask that YOU enter into an agreement with us under the Patroit Act , et al. Now S&S Funding Company (TM) NEVER ask YOU the Client(s) for any UPFRONT FEES/COSTS UNTIL THE ACTUAL JOB IS DONE.


    HELL YEAH! We are that good at what we do and we NEVER turn anyone down, WHO IS VERY SERIOUS about what we do in the field of Funding/Loans on a Commericial level...We have been known to take some PROJECTS that others will "NOT" take, but that is why we have become an EXPERT doing what we do by NEVER TURNING any Legitimate Funding/Loans Project down up to $USD 39.9 Billion, sometimes more - NO! That paragraph is "NO JOKE, its in the BILLION DOLLAR RANGE, AND ITS SERIOUSLY A FACT THAT HIGH AND MORE AS WE STATED" if serious CONTACT US NOW before its to LATE, because we do get very BUSY this time of the YEAR and once we hit our MARK we slow down in taking on NU/NEW Clients until we get the First Client(s) what he/she are in NEED of, we leave NO Person BEHIND EVER, SO HURRY - DON'T LET THIS DOOR CLOSE ON YOU, PERIOD.

  • S&S Funding Company (TM) Personal Loan(s) - IS COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU.

    Now on and off we have done a few Personal Loans for a VERY LIMITED TIME, but this time we will bring it back on July 30, 2022 @ 12 NOON (MST), but only for a limited time, be it EXPIRES on 12/31/2022 @ Midnight (MST) any and all LOANS are within the Nornal Range for us, but that range is up to $USD 75,000.00, but the NORMAL asking is the mere $USD 25,000.00 range, sometimes way less, for most Americans can afford that to PAYBACK (even with interest), and to most of OUR CLIENTS we will pay up to Six (6) months of Payments, but that is ONLY again for OUR NU/NEW Clients who actually sign-up for this program and is APPROVED by us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) and/or our parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM). Now most CLIENTS OLD and/or NU/NEW feel that they CANNOT AFFORD this due to their CREDIT, since we are "NOT" a BANK, et al such is "NOT" a factor with us, but we do follow the PATRIOT ACT, and so in YOUR BEST INTEREST YOU JUST MIGHT WANT TO CONTACT US AND LEAVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS SUBJECT.

  • S&S Funding Company (TM) Money and the Real Estate Market on the short in.

    Now we are NOT a Mortgage Company, per say, but we do assist/help those within the REAL ESTATE MARKET on matter concerning what they we are CLEAR - WE ARE NOT A MORTGAGE COMPANY, NOR ARE WE YOUR TRADITIONAL TYPE OF BANK, WE ARE THE OTHER GUYS/GIRLS, BUT WE DO GET THE JOB DONE AND FAST - BE WE ARE JUST ON-LINE, NO WALK INS EVER, but did we state that we are FAST, because we are and we DON'T have any UPFRONT FEES/COSTS TO OUR CLIENT - EVER! The only drawback is that we are "NOT" YOUR Traditional Bank, et al, but we can get the Financial Job DONE is a FAST and URGENT MANNER, and we are VERY LEGITIMATE and HONEST, we have been doing this for well over 39 Plus Years, but only within the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico ONLY, nothing International outside of what is mentioned in this Article - SORRY. but if YOU are in need of FUNDING YOU have come to the right Company we can DO THE JOB FOR YOU from a mere low of $USD 150,000, up to $USD 50 Billion or More...SO, IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF FUNDING FOR YOU AND/OR YOUR CLIENT(S) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US BY EMAIL AND SOMEONE WILL GET BACK TO YOUR WITHIN 48 HOURS OR LESS.

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The Economy and Inflation is Way UP and YOUR Business is way DOWN...YOU need some form of FUNDING go to S&S Funding Company (TM) WE HAVE WHAT EVER YOU NEED IN FUNDING WITHOUT GOING TO A BANK, ET AL

Now the Economy is doing a FLIP FLOP as well the rate of Inflation is going WILD, and YOU hear that the RICH are getting RICHER, while the POOR are getting POORER, that is TRUE and FALSE IN PART, now the 100% TRUE PART is the Economy is going way up, as is FOOD, BILLS, RENT, MORTGAGE PAYMENTS and the cost of living, its quite funny that those in POWER that YOU and I voted for are getting a Pay Raise, but Senoirs, VETS, and the list goes on and on are NOT GETTING ANYTHING NOT EVEN A RAISE IN THE COST OF we at S&S Funding Company (TM) may have a ONE TIME PATCH that will SOMEWHAT HELP, is a small personal loan on YOUR SSN PAYMENTS, AND PAYMENT, VA PAYMENT, et al, its NOT a LOAN, per say it is an actual GRANT - that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BACK with this program YOU can get up to $USD 100,000, but such is a ONE TIME DEAL (This program is ONLY available by and thourgh this company, S&S Funding Company (TM) and its parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and those within the LGBTQ+/Minority Communities ONLY and in the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico ONLY). We de require a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. NO WE ARE NOT A BANK, ET AL OF ANY KIND. N-O, no, again this is NOT a LOAN and YOU are NOT required to pay it BACK - EVER, but it is determined that YOU be APPROVED by this company, S&S Funding Company (TM) and/or its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) at which we will forward YOU APPROVED papers by EMAIL ONLY, so we do require YOUR valid EMAIL ADDRESS for the APPROVAL PART, et al

S&S Funding Co. (TM) Contact Form (the ONLY Official Way to CONTACT US)

The S&S Funding Company (TM) TRUE WAY to Funding and More

Now everyday YOU will see companies padding that they are the "FUNDING CHAMPS" to be quite honest that is Very False, about 90% of these companies come up very short in this field when it comes to funding in very LARGE AMOUNTS for businesses, but we at S&S Funding Company (TM) PRIDE ourself in the fact(s) that we ACTUALLY do everything when it comes to Funding and Loans in the HIGH MARKS FIELD, and we DO NOT have any UPFRONT FEES/COSTS to YOU the Client(s), Period...the actual TRUE FACT(S) is/are that we are 100% a GMO, which stand for Gay Minority Owned and Operated company and we have been in this line of business for well over 39 Years and we are a very UNIQUE type of BUSINESS within the Funding/Loan field - and before YOU ask the Question - N-O, no we ONLY do Business within the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico - NO INTERNATIONAL FUNDING/LOANS outside of the countries so mentioned in this Articles/Ads and we are "NOT" a Bank or any form of one Now or ever, we are the other Guys/Girls, we HOPE that did answer that part of YOUR Question about what we do and where we do it in and/or at., if YOU are serious about DOING what we do, than WELCOME TO YOUR TRUE FUTURE OF FUNDING/LOANS and how can we assist/help YOU.

The NU/NEW Look and Understanding about the Car(s)/Truck(s) Funding/Loans Program for S&S Funding Company (TM)

The old way was about signing up Dealers and Dealerships, that as NOTED was the OLD way, the NU/NEW way is that once a(n) client is Approved he or she will be given a(n) voucher in a amount as low as $USD 25,000.00 but no more than $USD 500.000.00 at which said Client is free to use any Officially Licensed Car/Truck Dealership within and/or without his or her state of the Entire USA, as well as Canada it is the Client's FULL responsibility to negotiate the final price of the car/truck, to include any and all fees/cost, taxes, et al and submit such to Us within two (2) working days by Fax and/or attachment of EMAIL ADDRESS, also it should be so NOTED that LOW INCOME PERSONS shall be based on the same INDEX as is used by the DHS, and any and all VETS must submit a DD214 Form prior to any voucher being given to said client(s)...and a Senoir is a person who is at least at the age of 60 and above, membership in AARP(R) is a Plus, but is NOT REQUIRED for APPROVAL.

The NU/NEW Rent/Mortgage Assistant Program is Coming to a Town Near YOU...the S&S Funding Company (TM) way.

Now starting on 8/20/2022 any Client(s) who has used this company in prior functions are automatically signed up for this PROGRAM when they NEED it, which is a FUNDING of up to $USD 250,000.00+(this is a ONE (1) time type of FUNDING and is NOT any type of HANDOUT, but a HAND UP)but for those who have not used the B2B Services of S&S Funding Company (TM) YOU are required to first GO TO the Company Website and place YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE CONTACT SECTION OF THE WEB PAGE, at which someone from this office will contact YOU of reciept of the EMAIL, said is NOT YOUR Approval, period (that PART comes a lot later) WE ARE NOT HUD nor are we State Housing, but we will GUARANTEED the Landlord(s), et al that said RENT/MORTGAGE will be paid by as long as said payments DON'T EXCEED the Original Funding of up to $USD 250,000.00+ anything over the ORIGINAL AMOUNT OF THE FUNDING IS ON THE CLIENT(S)... ONCE said Application is approved by us in Written Form on our Letterhead and signed by our CEO, a Bank Cashier Check will follow addressed to the Landlord. This service DOESN'T Charge any Upfront Fees/Costs, period and is 100% FREE to Clients and their Family Members within or without their Households, this service is ONLY available within the USA and to those of the LGBTQ+ Minority and Non-Minority Communities, and their Allies, et al. This is a NON - RECOURSE Type of Program, in other words its neither Government, a Bank, Credit Union or State Funding - its a GIFT that YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY BACK EVER!

S&S Funding Company (TM), et al the places and States WE DO NOT SERVICES based on their outright Homophobic/Prejudice towards People of Color/Black/Brown/Asain

We at S&S Funding Company (TM), et al DO NOT offer any type of services/products in the following State(s) they are in part/whole, they are: UT, AL (was added for its RACIST comments of being a MAGA State, and its was a Politician and the state has done NOTHING, period), AZ, FL, TX, MN, MS, TN, SC, SD, ND, OK, LA and the only bank on this list is JP Morgan/Chase, (NEWS FLASH - WE have added the Bank of England, UK to this list on 08/23/22 and we are adding more as FAST AS most can read these BLOGS/POSTS) we told them about the Factual Homophobic and Racism SLURS, et al towards their Banking Customer(s) on SOCIAL MEDIA showed us actual NO real concern, and they told me over the Phone that "WHO REALLY CARES THEY CONTINUE TO COME NO MATTER WHAT" and that and unknown person to us name start with a "T" was right about YOU people, that comment did "NOT" sit WELL WITH ME, since it was very racist, so we are truly done with them, but 99% of other Banks, etc. are way COOLER and Professional and at the writing of this Article showed no Homophobic/Racist views, so we can't shame them, like CHASE, et al, other will continue to BANK with them but not us on any level. Understand any offer(s) made by us at S&S Funding Company (TM), et al will and is/are VALID in any other State or States not so mention or listed here in this Article in whole, as well as part.

When Borrowing From S&S Funding Company (TM) this is what is required:

Now the following documents are required when applying for a Loans or Funding with either S&S Funding Company (TM) and/or its parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), they are as mentioned:

* If for a CORPORATION please include the following Documents, etc., they are:

1.Current Business Statement, that is "NO" older than 60 days

2. The Corporation Current Financial Statement(s) for the Past Previous two (2) Years

3. CONFIDENTIAL RESUMES on each Corporate Officer(s) who owns 20% or more of the Corporation's stock(s) - THIS IS A MUST HAVE

4. The Corporation MUST also supply us at S&S Funding Company (TM) with copies of their Corporate Tax Returns for the previous two (2) years (also, the corporation should also provide us at S&S Funding Company (TM), et al with any information that they see as HELPFUL in Funding/Loans)

5. In the case of a REAL ESTATE LOAN, such things that shall and must be included is/are Picture(s), Map(s) of the Site, Specification(s) and if available a CURRENT Appraials

Always include the AMOUNT of money the corporation want to borrow that also includes a Brief description and break - down as to how the funds will be used, Such as working capital, expansion loan, etc.

*** HOW THE CORPORATION would like to REPAY the loan. Such as monthly, quarterly, etc.

# Partnerships are HANDLED the same way except that EACH PARTNER must supply us at S&S Funding Company (TM), et al with a(n) CONFIDENTIAL RESUME on each and every partner(s) to include, but is "NOT" limited to background, work experience, marital status, health status, dependents, etc.

## Sole - Proprietorship(s) are handled in a very different manner we at S&S Funding Company (TM), et al that as a(n) sole - proprietor YOU must include a CURRENT PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT that is "NO" older than 60 days

We at S&S Funding Company (TM), et al require at least two (2) years of his/her tax returns for the Previous two (2) years...we will also require a CURRENT COPY(IES) of the Business Financial Statements which are no older than 60 days as well.