A World with Me In It as well as those like me "In It" and More.

A World with Me In It as well as those like me "In It" and More.

The WELCOME 2 My Life and WORLD, as I see it and More!?.

S&S  Funding Company (TM), et al

Now some may ask a very serious question or two (2), as the CEO of a GMO and a Black Owned Company or Two (2) DO YOU HATE, and the answer is "NO and YES...its a very complex question, but I will try to address it as I hear and see it?"

For one I DON'T hate based on ones COLOR OF SKIN, that is just not me, period I will dislike ones actions if its OUTRIGHT or HIDDEN RACISM OR SEXISM...I know how the color of YOUR skin can make YOU a TARGET, but, I will "NOT" live in fear, if I die - I know that what harmed me is far eviler than I could ever imagine...I will seek JUSTICE to the Father, it is He who will say one way or the other if he or she or both are GUILTY or NOT.






It very easy to become hateful, as well as RACIST, but that is way too much energy, as well as time, and I don't have it, my ENERGY, AS WELL AS TIME IS WITH THOSE I LOVE AND MY BUSINESSES, AND THOSE WHO WORK FOR ME AND 1099's, and their FAMILY MEMBERS, so I am a very BUSY CEO...but the world is FULL OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN TO HATE...SO, again, I don't HATE, nor am I RACIST...but, if I see something(s) that causes me DISCOMFORT I will speak up rather YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!, I am very OUTSPOKEN and I will always speak my peace/mind, even if it is somewhat uncomfortable to others...I have always been told that those that get upset - that they are what YOU, so claimed and SAID, but they will say it is "NOT" them or nothing to do with them they would say NOTHING, only the HATERS, SPEAK...SAD, BUT 100% TRUE, but those who don't, hide, but just hearing them will tell YOU what they are and 99.9% is "NOT" a good thing.





So, if what I said is MY LIFE - so if it is making YOU and/or anyone uncomfortable, that I feel I need to apologize for, but the Hate or Racist comments, I will "NOT" entertain such any notion, its "NOT" me , period, so, I will "NOT" apologize for what I am "NOT" guilty of, again, period...I cannot change YOUR mind(s) and I will "NOT" try, if YOU feel the way YOU do fine but I know in my heart o' hearts, I have done no wrong on this subject.

Nay! I am "NOT" a perfect man, but I will NEVER lie or hide the fact of what is and is "NOT"...those who are Hateful and/or is Racist, again, YOU be YOU, but I will continue to be me and I will try "NOT" to judge others, yes, its HARD (NO REAL PUN, INTENDED)...but I will continue to own and operate my businesses and me and PLEASE you do the same, but remember - G-ds eyes are "NOT" closed He is watching every move YOU and YOURS make and every step YOU take -so hide "NOT" He see YOU and He knows YOUR Heart and Mindset.

But, YOU and YOURS have a very NICE DAY...and those that read this G-d Bless the Righteous, never the Haters, Racist(s),  et al.






As the CEO of S&S Funding Company, et al...I hope I addressed YOUR question(s), as so noted within this Article...HACK NO! I AM NOT RACIST, NOR AM I HATEFUL CONCERNING ONES RACE OR SEX OR SEXUALITY, ITS JUST NOT ME, PERIOD.

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