Alternative Commercial Financing Services that is also for the Str8 Ally(ies) LGBTQ+/Minority Communities and more.

Alternative Commercial Financing Services that is also for the Str8 Ally(ies) LGBTQ+/Minority Communities and more.

Financing is somewhat quite unique in the world of "Alternative Commercial Financing Market" the word "ALTERNATIVE" actually mean that its "NOT" any form of Traditional Financial Services, such as a Bank(s), Credit Union(s) and/or Mortgage Company(ies), et al...also, the word "ALLY" in the world of the LGBTQ+ COMMUNITIES is very much unique and well guarded secret within the Gay/Lesbian/Trans Community, all those who are 100% REAL Allies are Straight, but NOT Narrow...they see and understand the TRUE Nature of both the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities and their VERY HARD (NO PUN INTENDED) relationship with the more Traditional Financial Markets, such as a Bank and/or Banks, et al...we understand that most Traditional Financial Markets tell their clients N-O, no even if their CREDIT is Excellent, even if they have been in business for more than five (5) years or more, the answer to their question is still N-O, no...while about 99.9% of the times we will say YES! to the Financial Deal, up to $USD 50 Billion, even to those with Excellent/Good Credit to Poor and/or NO CREDIT @ all, in some case we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will even take financial deals that have a RECENT Bankruptcy, as long as the Bankruptcies Cases are CLOSED and when required by us YOU can provide us with that PROOF from the Courts, state and/or federal.

What is somewhat funny to us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) is that since we are ONLY Online, and that we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) actually do BUSINESS this very unique way, MOST DECIDE to GO THE ROUTE OF THE OLD TRADITIONAL WAY OF FUNDING/LOANS, even if all they get to hear is an OUTRIGHT "NO!" ANSWER - this is 100% TRUE, but also, VERY SAD, since we understand, we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) may not be a BANK, per say, WE DO OFFER THE SAME TYPE OF SERVICES, its just we offer them in a more again, "UNIQUE WAY" and we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) 99.9% of the time will say "YES!" to the Deal(s) for funding/loans within the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico...we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) are always seeking out Alternative Financial Deal(s)...WE NEVER HAVE ANY UPFRONT FEES/COSTS when concerning said DEAL(S)...NOW, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED GO TO OUR WEB SITE @ and MESSAGE US and we will reply within 48 Hours, sometimes LESS, but we will answer YOU.





GOOD NEWS...the office(s) are CLOSED During the Holidays, up to Jan. 4, 2023, but the Company Web Site is OPEN AND AVAILABLE 24/7/365, in other words ALL YEAR LONG, so do YOURSELF A FAVOR - TRY US ON FOR SIZE, also we on 12/26/2022 will offer PERSONAL LOANS, up to $USD 75,000.00 such will be placed in YOUR Actual Personal Checking/Savings Account ONCE APPROVED, and remember YOU have a 99.9% chance of being approved...understand OUR Funding/Loans Services do take up to Four (4) Days at a very min., if such is LONGER we will send YOU an EMAIL OF THE DELAYS AND THE ACTUAL REASON(S) FOR THE DELAYS, IF ANY.





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