As the World Turns...Where is the Next Move on Inflation, Money and the Economy?

As the World Turns...Where is the Next Move on Inflation, Money and the Economy?

Now this is a time of uncertainties on feeling that with the way of the Economy going up with High to Super High Ways of Living, and the prices of Gas, yes its down, but it could be lower, but now a days, a little goes a long, if YOU can make it until YOU can Sake it - DO IT, NOW! YES, the feds did raise interest rates again, but that doesn't mean YOU are out of the game of Finances and the ways of Inflation and the madding Economy...when done right YOU can survive this, YES! Its going to cost YOU, but NOT as much as YOU think!...there are a few actual loans that one (1) doesn't have to payback, nor is there any interest attached to them - EVER, and the answer to YOUR Question?: YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE GOOD OR PREFECT CREDIT we are EXPERTS in this type of Funding and its a RARE BIRD, but is available when it first came out about 28 years ago it was a very NU/NEW concept and was only available to the RICH and MULTI - RICH, that was than, this is NOW...and they are BACK this TIME BETTER. Also, these type of funding is/are very LEGAL within the Entire USA and that they are again RARELY ever used, since they are something that some feel they are within  a world of FANTASY and since they are neither for the Rich, nor Multi - Rich ONLY...they are out of their league when concerning this, they are NOT, period.

Now we are just one company that is within the Alternative Financial Market that does these type of funding as does our parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), and they at this time see this and they TELL those within the LGBTQ+ and the Minority Communities and about a few stay clear of it and they fail, but those who decide to try this route find that they SUCCEED and when those that originally failed see that it works its too late for them too try we are a lot of things but we are NOT G-d, and we let them know that we CANNOT HELP THEM, but we do inform them that we can help them with a STARTUP Program and go from there. 

We at S&S Funding Company (TM) are fully aware that we are NOT any type of Traditional Financial Company, like a Bank, et al and that most people think that a BANK can give them what they need , as well as want that is TRUE in the MIND TRICKS of a FANTASY, but in reality most bank will simple tell them N-O, no when we would have at least 98% of the time said YES!...but we understand that those time far and few between are "NOT" rare but happens everyday but again with our track record we have more YES'!, than we have NO's!, yeah we are that GOOD, if not better....most come to us thinking we a some form of upfront fees/costs, we don't have any of these - WE GET PAID WHEN WE GET THE JOB DONE, RIGHT, AND NOT BEFORE THAN.

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