Beware Don't Be Caught On The Short End Of The Coming Holidays and Beyond

Beware Don't Be Caught On The Short End Of The Coming Holidays and Beyond

The Scariest Time(s) in Life is Being Short on Something Such as Gas, Food and/or Money...But the Scariest is Being Homeless and YOUR KIDS are a Witness to this and More.

We at S&S Funding Company (TM) understand the ONGOING HARDSHIP called life, and this PANDEMIC didn't make the situation any easier, but over TIME we LOST Something over all - the Economy has gone hey wired YOU lost YOUR J-O-B, job or the JOB YOU are at doesn't cover YOUR RENT, MORTGAGE, et al and YOU feel lost and alone, and Inflation also, going UP than Down is NO REAL HELP.





YOU do what YOU do BEST YOU search for YOUR INTER*SELF, but YOU still fall even farther - STOP! Contact the FREE LINE 9-8-8, they can SAVE YOU from MADINESS and make YOUR Mental Health a priority, while contacting us at S&S Funding Company (TM) we just might have a EXCELLENT SOLUTION to this URGENT MATTER without having to REACH INTO YOUR PACKET FOR NOW and/or at least up to six (6) S&S Funding Company (TM) offer YOU the OPTION of two (2) PROGRAMS One is an OUTRIGHT FUNDING/LOANS up to $USD 300,000, that YOU will have to payback overtime, but we will pay up to the First six (6) months of payments, while the other is a ONE - TIME Rental Mortgage Assistant Program which is a GIFT and YOU DON'T have to EVER pay it BACK, but the catch is that its ONE TIME and ONLY for $USD 25,000, and the Funds/Money goes directly to the Landlord, etc. NOT YOU, but YOU get to stay in YOUR HOME and get FOOD, etc. that is a PLUS...also that the PROGRAM IS ONLY Offered to those within the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities and that includes any and all those who are actual VETTED ALLIES and their family members, YES! even if they are STR8, but this is ALL DONE ON-LINE.



Also, we at S&S Funding Company (TM) is/are not YOUR Traditional Financial Company, such as a Bank(s), Credit Union(s) and/or YOUR Local Mortgage Company(ies), nor are we a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY - we are the other Guys/Girls that means we are "NOT" a Bank(s), et al...but we are very Legit and we DON'T have any UPFORNT FEES/COSTS to what we offer...but we are a GMO, which stand(s) for Gay Minority Owned and Operated Company and we are 100% been in business for well over 39 Plus Years, so we are "NOT" a FLY BY NIGHT Company, period, if WE SAY WE CAN ASSIST/HELP YOU WE GOT THIS - GUARANTEED and we will put that in written form. But like everything in YOUR LIFE its UP to YOU - we are just an EMAIL AWAY FOR what is a NU/NEW REALITY for YOU and YOURS and lets say, YOU decide to go for the latter and the ONE - TIME GIFT of $USD 25,000, WE WILL CONTACT YOUR LANDLORD, ETC. ABOUT THIS AND FORWARD HIM and/or HER a TRUE DOCUMENT ON COMPANY LETTERHEAD CONCERNING YOUR RENT/MORTGAGE PAYMENT(S), at which we will forward to them a Cashiers Check for the amount, NOT TO EXCEED THE GIFT AMOUNT within two (2) to no more than six (6) working days.





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