Bitcoin(s) is it a REAL Investment and More.

Bitcoin(s) is it a REAL Investment and More.

S&S Funding Company (TM)

the Answer to some of YOUR Question(s) at hand...the BITCOIN, Is it REAL or NOT!?.

The simple answer is the BITCOIN Market is worth its weight in GOLD, but that is OUR OPINION @ S&S Funding Company (TM) this is "NOT" saying that YOU should invest any and/or all YOUR money into it...the time is "NOT" now, but very soon, how soon is the question on everyone's mind at this TIME and we @ S&S Funding Company(TM) are looking into the Bitcoin Market, and from what we are seeing its ALL looking very GOOD on OUR look if YOU wish to invest at this time in the BITCOIN MARKET - we would say it is YOUR call on this type of INVESTMENT.



This NU/NEW Digital Currency is FAST becoming the super HOT investment way to go for those called Gen XY, that could be because in an Article that OUR sister company, Money Shoppe Company (SM) did on the BITCOIN MARKET, et al surged to a record high of $USD 75,000.00 plus and it made some turn their heads toward SUCCESS AND PROFITS, and at that time Bitcoins became the BETTER THAN GOLD Investment to some in the Alternative Financial World, even We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) think that. Not to confuse anyone, YES, we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) did so state that it would be in YOUR best interest to HOLD OFF on investing in the Bitcoin Market, but like anything - it would be YOUR call on this matter at hand - Good or Bad, Up or Down, as always it would still be YOUR call, period and YES, from the Status Report(s) we @ S&S Funding Company(TM) have read and reviewed they clearly show that the Bitcoin(s) are a very GOOD INVESTMENT, period - now BITCOINS are very Profitable and they are a very good BUY for YOUR Investment Portfolio, but with any type of investment, please be very careful go with who and what YOU TRUST when concerning BITCOIN and the market, period.

Some are claiming that if President Biden's Tax Hikes will in some way CRUSH the innovation and damage the Economy - that would be  a very HARD HELL N-O, no, YES, the capital gains tax will RAISE (for some, not all),honey, if we are being Honest if the Capital Gains Tax does raise honestly who cares especially if YOU are making money to boot, so if YOUR investments are making YOU MONEY, why are YOU sweating the SMALL SH*T, mostly since YOU never had it before - remember YOU are the NU/NEW Future of the Rich/Super Rich, as well as Famous and YOU really didn't have it in the first place, so don't let the Taxes HOLD YOU BACK, period.

S&S Funding Company (TM) has its OPINION (and we stated it in this Article, period, so YOU make up YOUR own Mind on this) and always remember its YOU and YOURS who are in control of YOUR Money and let NO ONE tell YOU what to do, period -  OUT SIDE YOUR future investment plans, unless it directly concerns the factor of YOUR PROS & CONS when directly concerning Bitcoin(s) and its Market - be it GOOD and/or BAD, UP and/or DOWN, but Honey, that is the market and it comes with what is called a RISK FACTOR, and if YOU are afraid of getting burned than please find another way of INVESTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY that is safer - WAIT! There is NO SAFER INVESTMENT(S), so, if the Taxes go with it - its going to HURT for awhile, but after a bit or two, the sting will go away.

But the Money will keep flowing in Up and Down, but its going to be FUN as HELL - SO, IF THIS IS YOUR MARKET and YOU want to play in the DIGITAL CURRENCY (BITCOIN), try it and see, but for the first time go very LOW AND SLOW, like invest a mere $USD 2,000.00 of YOUR Paycheck and invest after that go every two (2) to Six (6) months invest another $USD 500.00 on a monthly basis...until YOU get a GOOD FEEL for the Digital Currency (BITCOIN(S)) (if the Market is UP), (but if the market is down maybe far less, like $USD 150.00), just saying.


YOU are a very SMART and WISE Investor, and/or YOU think of YOURSELF as before YOU decide to JUMP into this venture, please first READ UP on the Bitcoin Market, and/or any investment at hand, if YOU get somewhat confused CONSULT with an Investment Attorney(s), some do offer 100% FREE CONSULTATION (ON YOUR FIRST VISIT ONLY) concerning the matter(s), but after YOU consult with them, YOU decide that it would be a perfect move for YOU, YOU will need to RETAIN him or her for their service(s) and at first YOU just might hesitate on the retainer, but such would be a GREAT INVESTMENT point, it just might SAVE YOU and YOURS from many PITFALLS OF INVESTING IN THE BITCOIN MARKET, ET AL, so RETAIN the BEST that YOU TRUST.




Now a somewhat of a Stock Market Bubble has formed concerning the Digital Currency (BITCOIN MARKET), and we know about Bubbles, they will Burst in time so get in while YOU can and going HIGH is "NOT" always the BEST MOVE, so, let us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) assist/help YOU go down this road be it success or failure, either way we got YOU and if we tell YOU to place YOUR money into the Digital Currency, we will act like the FDIC, and guarantee(d) YOU up to YOUR Original loss of Investment or $USD 45 million, whichever is less - in other words WE GOT YOU, ASK YOURSELF DOES THE OTHER GUYS/GIRLS "GOT YOU OR NOT, and ask them to put it in written form or on their WEBSITE, like S&S Funding Company (TM) has".

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