Class Is In For those who are Economically Disadvantaged and more...are YOU ready for the NEXT STEP.

Class Is In For those who are Economically Disadvantaged and more...are YOU ready for the NEXT STEP.

S&S Funding Company (TM) is NOT a FAST and Easy Way to start a Business, but we are the BEST at what we do, as noted within this statement, that is 100% TRUE we are "NOT" FAST per say, but we do get the J-O-B, job done, and YES! we do handle Startup(s)/Venture Capital, up to $USD 30 Billion, plus and we again may NOT be FAST like the others, but we do get the JOB DONE RIGHT AND CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME - and we mean business.

And YOU NOT Succeed in it, such as in business...that part is NOT who and what we are, nor what we STAND FOR, PERIOD.

Now YES! we are in it to WIN IT for YOU the NU/NEW and OLD Client(s), we are a 100% GMO, which clearly stand for "Gay Minority Owned and Operated Company" so we have introduced OURSELF to YOU and we understand that we are Both a Gay and Minority type Alternative Financial Company, but we are very PROFESSIONAL and everything we do and we will "NOT" apologize to anyone for what we are, as well as who we decide to HELP... now the curtains are OPEN and we are Ready when YOU are the music is HOT and we love the SOUNDS AND LETS DANCE. Now everyday we read in Twitter (R) and on LinkedIn (R) the numerous Minority men and women who succeed in getting their Startup Capital in the Millions to Multi-Millions and even that it wasn't OUR deal its still GREAT NEWS and we wish them GREAT SUCCESS...and when they are in need of some assistant and/or help we hope they think about us, but if "NOT" that is just as COOL and still we will WISH THEM GREAT LUCK.

Now we have seen numerous successful stories, as noted above but we at S&S Funding Company (TM) have been apart of a few of them and to this date we have been their then and we will be their whenever they need us again and 89% of the time we DON'T charge them for OUR Assistant/Help, that was part of the First deal with us and that was good for the first ten (10) years, so we are good to go...and to know that we will STAND by YOU for ten (10) years, sometimes more and the SERVICE(S) are 100% FREE many Old and NU/NEW Clients hate the word(s) Economically Disadvantaged when informing them of the title, we at S&S Funding Company (TM) understand its an UGLY WORD, but its simple and to the FACT AS A MINORITY WE/YOU ARE WITHIN A MEMBERSHIP OF A PROTECTED CLASS, pursuant to Special Purpose Credit Programs (SPCP's) which by laws and Regulation under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 this is allowable and in OUR line of Business we use it, go to or go to for more U.S. Gov. Information on this, beyond what we can tell you and/or consult with YOUR Business Attorney(s), at YOUR OWN Expense concerning this matter @ hand. As a NU/NEW Business Entrepreneur it's plain and simple, we understand that the name in itself is again an UGLY WORD, and the word doesn't define who and what YOU are in business, as well as in, who care if someone see YOU a certain way - FINE as long as YOUR BUSINESS IS A SUCCESS AND MAKING A REAL PROFIT everything else will fall in place and the SMALL SH*T DOESN'T REALLY MATTER...we at S&S Funding Company (TM) sole job is to ensure that YOU succeed in Business, and in LIFE, because one cannot function without the other so Please let Us do the JOB YOU REQUIRE - WE GOT THIS, PERIOD



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