Energy Outreach Colorado, a non-profit company who can help those who are Seniors, VETS, Low Income, et al

Energy Outreach Colorado, a non-profit company who can help those who are Seniors, VETS, Low Income, et al

S&S Funding Company (TM)

A Message from the CEO of EOC (Energy Outreach Colorado)(SHORT)

"This winter has brought a significant challenge to limited-income household in Colorado..."





The message goes further, but the reason we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) have decided to focus on this NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION since it is far from what we do, but honestly the world is about those who are LOW-INCOME, VETS, HANDICAP VETS, SENIORS, and the list goes on and on. Those who are WELL TO DO and/or even RICH/SUPER RICH, they have MILLIONS and/or even BILLIONS and they do NOTHING MORE THAN TALK, some bullsh*t and they do the BEAR MINIMUM or they Talk the talk, but never walk the walk, SAD but true.





But after reading a NEWSLETTER from ECO(R) I fell in love with what they are doing, and all it takes is that someone donates just $USD 25.00 up to $USD 100.00 and its a very GREAT thing to DONATE, since for one the money is actually HELPING THOSE IN NEED OF ASSISTANT OR HELP...Now, since its just a mere DONATION of $USD 50.00 (starting this April, 2022) we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will donated this every month, who also will give, YOU never KNOW when YOU and/or someone YOU know will need this type of service, so don't YOU feel that donating is a very GOOD THING for any LEGITIMATE REASON(S).





But lets be HONEST the RICH WHITE PEOPLE they will spend money going to SPACE, but not DONATE to were it can do some serious HELPING THOSE WHO HAVE LITTLE OR NOTHING...the US Government is a very good source of Helping those in Need, look at the VA, SSA or even the DOJ, I was shocked when this was brought to my attention, the DOJ, but they HELP those in a situation when they cannot help themselves, "NO" they don't help directly they will forward the information to those who can HELP!.

This Pandemic was for some a situation to "NOT" help their follow man, but if WE DON'T HELP EACH OTHERS WE WILL LOSE WHO AND WHAT WE ARE.

Now I am told that this program has been repeated in other states and that is GREAT NEWS, so I don't leave out the AARP(R) Non-Profit organization, they help when they can and they do a DAMN GREAT JOB, but if YOU happen to be LGBTQ+ the BEST for those type of GREAT PEOPLE the source to get help is HRC(R) and for those of Color go to the NAACP(R), see what they can do - REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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