Equality Investing is NU/NEW and Fresh, but Is It  A REAL THING?

Equality Investing is NU/NEW and Fresh, but Is It A REAL THING?

Today, 08/13/2022 in the DAY most look at a Weekend is to RELAX from the Workday to some it was HELL and very STRESSFUL, while to others it was a Wake-up call to say "NEXT"????

But, understand that in the world of Entrepreneurship, to some is a somewhat scary DREAM, but is DOABLE when done RIGHT...the ROAD to what we at S&S Funding Company (TM) call EQUALITY INVESTING, the idea and concept is an OLD MOVE but as we note is NU/NEW since for the very FIRST TIME it is what it means - the word "EQUALITY" is a very tricky one...its a word that is for those of COLOR, such as Black, Brown, Asian, and the color list goes on and on, such for the FIRST TIME includes those that are also, QUEER, as well as TRANS or Both.






But the Investing part is 100% those with the numerous communities we as people of COLOR seem to "NOT" invest in OURSELVES, nor our communities - why we DON'T is another Article in itself, and we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will address that in the coming days, but for now this is OUR DIRECT CONCERN - everyday we see stories of people of color doing things, some are GREAT, whiles others are just OK, in our eyes, but that is it in OUR EYES, but in the eyes of the person doing whatever its a PLUS, so its a PLUS to us as well than...NO QUESTION HERE.






Lets get back to Equality Investing - now to be somewhat quite honest  if the VENTURE is SOLID and the ROI (Return On Investment) is above 35% it a GO FOR IT FOR REAL, but if it is a SCAM OF SOME KIND - PASS ON IT A.S.A.P. and contact the Local Authorities of the matter of the Scammers and LET ALL YOUR FRIENDS KNOW OF THE SCAM AS WELL...but if YOU are again unsure they are 100% LEGIT, please contact YOUR LOCAL BBB'S OFFICE, they are barred in giving YOU legal advice, but they are "NOT" barred @ getting YOU the KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT IS AND IS NOT A SCAM AND/OR INVESTMENT(S).






As we stated in prior Article per say a White Women is considered a Minority by the Government, made up of again WHITE MEN, who in our words still wanted the control, but needed to look fair, so they stated white women were minority(ies), to us at S&S Funding Company (TM) that is "NOT" the case with us, a White Women is "NOT" considered a Minority to us @ S&S Funding Company (TM), nor its parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), but we feel that when a FEMALE/WOMEN is QUEER she is 100% a Minority to us, no matter her color of skin...understand that a Female/Women who is lets say is of a certain color Black, Blown, Yellow and/or any shade of Color, outside of plain white is a Minority to us, period.






No, the comments are Neither Hateful and/or Racist, they are a simple facts in the matter - to CLEAR UP THE WHAT IS A MINORITY IN THE FEMALE WORLD? And we answered it concerning us and our direct POLICIES, but again this is "NOT" the norm of other companies who are FREE to think and feel the way they do and enjoy that they have a choice, its called FREEDOM and its 100% REAL, as is the facts behind EQUALITY INVESTING, but if we were to inform any of our client(s) to invest we would tell them if that company and/or companies is/are listed within their communities and they are WELL KNOWN we would say the investment looks and feel SOUND and go for it, but on, at a very SMALL SCALE of just $USD 500,000 or less, if that amount is in your cards, if less go for that, too, but INVEST.






If YOU are still on the fence and have some concerns and feel uneasy than GO WITH YOUR GUT - AND DON'T INVEST, PERIOD, sit back and see if it looks too good to be TRUE 9x's out of 10, it is if YOU are still unsure if possible contact the LOCAL NAACP, they just also might of heard of the said INVESTMENT TYPE COMPANY(IES) and may have something Pro, means GOOD and/or Con means BAD...about the company(ies), they again will "NOT" give you any legal or investment tips, that part is "NOT" who and what they DO, so don't ask them to act as YOUR Attorney of Record and/or YOUR Accountant of Record concerning this matter - they well just give YOU their Honest OPINION at which YOU are FREE to take it or leave it, that is YOUR call on the matter.




Last Night I, as the CEO of both S&S Funding Company (TM) and Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) company(ies) was looking @ some of the POSTS/BLOGS on Linkedin (R), which is a VERYCOOL and is a simple way for those who are Professionals to GO STRESS FREE TO COOL DOWN, ET AL, a black female was talking about this TRENDING video on TIK TOK (R), who at one time claimed that was "NOT" Racist and from this video that does Not seem CORRECT...this White Women is claiming that she brought some black male, her husband or boyfriend, either way "NOT" cool so this just shows that TIK TOK (R) is truly about Profit and Money, not anything more and that said video should be PULLED IMMEDIATELY and please enough with the APOLOGIES we heard them all before and YET YOU @ Tik Tok (R) continue to still do the same SH*T over and over again, so, YOU understand why YOUR Apologies mean NOTHING to 90% of us any more, WRONG IS JUST WRONG and we are not YOURS AND/OR ANYONES PROPERTIES and to even be FUNNY which it is "NOT" is just plain WRONG on every level...but TIK TOK(R) is from China, and they back Russia, so NO SHOCKER here, but they and those who watch it are just as GUILTY...so to be fair I will say that Tik Tok (R) need to PULL this immediately without any FANFAIR and never allow such to happen again - WE DO WATCH, and something are just as they seem RACIST and HATEFUL toward those of any color - HATE IS HATE, Tik Tok (R) are YOU with us or not or is it just the money to you.





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