Funding/Loans is/are they FREE?

Funding/Loans is/are they FREE?

S&S Funding Company (TM)

The answer to the question...Is Funding/Loans - FREE, they are "NOT" in any form or type, if someone tells YOU otherwise he or she is scamming/conning YOU plain and would be somewhat of a MAGIC TRICK if it was TRUE, but honestly how would banks or investors make their money back, if it was FREE MONEY involved, hell that question would also go for us at S&S Funding Company (TM), we are in the business of helping others find funds and/or money, but we are "NOT" in the BUSINESS of giving away other peoples money without cause or reasons.

But we after some 39 PLUS YEARS we have found Money that is way LOW in INTEREST RATES, that at times is like FREE MONEY...we have even found some Loans/Funds that were INTEREST FREE for the first six (6) months, sometimes more, but we have found them, HELL YES they are hard to find but they are out there and its our job to find them - WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

S&S Funding Company (TM) and its parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is at N-O, no time a Bank, Credit Union, etc. we are a FULL SERVICE Alternative Commercial Financial Company and we may be a GMO which stand for Gay Minority Owned Company at which we are very proud of being and would not change who and what we are and/or stand for.

We understand that most people don't wish to DO BUSINESS with us based on the simple fact of our Status and the fact that we are a GAY/QUEER company, and with that simple fact they stay away from us...and that is COOL we are way too busy with some facts of finding our actual Clients REAL Funding/Money - A.S.A.P. and we don't have time for Homophobic, Transphobic, Zenophobic and/or Racial BULLSH*T I as owner and those who work for me have been called every Name in the Book, such as the "N" Word, F*ggot and the list goes on...but in this business YOU have to endure such EVIL WORDS and always be better then those who have nothing better to do then HATE on us and/or others. During this time of COVID - 19 and the Pandemic, I and the Team have seen very good people die, so we think to ourselves an say if what PAIN they went through is being without those they love and loved them back, they were alone, so, honestly if what they went through we can help those who are in NEED of OUR HELP/ASSISTANT.

So we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) are here for YOU READ THIS then check us out on this web page and Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) web page at we can assist/help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, etc.

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