Lets Celebrate a Birthday of a Civil Rights Leader and More.

Lets Celebrate a Birthday of a Civil Rights Leader and More.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King




Thank YOU for what YOU did and the time is NOW that YOU have allowed Us to lift Up OUR heads and say WE ARE HERE? I was a baby when YOU spook of something that my ancestor NEVER had, but being KIDNAPPED and BECOMING A SLAVE and being MURDERED, et al...such was the past, but the past is the future and those who forget it SHALL repeat it and those who deny it shall suffer of it FOREVER.




The Father have state that those who forgive and We all must forgive alive or dead, if they LOVE YOU, so shall I LOVE YOU - but if one turns from YOU and say NAY, then I the Father will say NAY and find YOU and YOURS Guilty in My eyes - FOREVER.








But MLK YOU had some believe that they could be 100% FREE, but I have yet to see this FREEDOM, those who are white claim that this Country is headed in the wrong direction...that is part TRUE and Part NOT so TRUE...now the day We were KIDNAPPED and MADE SLAVES this COUNTRY WAS SO DEVIDED and that was well over 350 years ago...they caused the pain and they have YET to correct the MESS they made, until the CORRECT the problem FORGIVENESS IS NOT IN THE CARDS, at least by me, I say "NAY".








They once told Us that We was Separate but Equal, We are Black American - We do We have Civil Rights, We should be an AMERICAN, but We are NOT...those that Hate, are always going to hate, but those that LOVE and find EQUALITY will always be that and COLOR OF SKIN IS NOT, NOR WILL EVER BE A FACTOR, THEY ARE NOT US AND THEY ARE LIGHTER OR WHITER, BUT THEY ARE JUST OF WE ARE AND ITS LOVE AND JOY...SO, TO THEM I SAY YAY THEY I WILL SEEK FORGIVENESS TO THEM AND THEIRS ONLY, NOT OF THOSE THAT HATE AND/OR WAS A PART OF THE GREAT SIN, PAST, AS WELL AS PRESENT...PAIN IS PAIN AND IT NEVER GOES AWAY - EVER.

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