Lets SAVE a Business or Two...with FACTORING.

Lets SAVE a Business or Two...with FACTORING.

Everyday YOU hear about those within the Business World, mostly Women, LGBTQ+ and Minority Business Owners SUFFERING during these HARD TIMES called Inflation and the Mad Economy...we at S&S Funding Company (TM) have a legit situation to this urgent problem @ hand and its been around since the 1960's and is just one of the FAST REASONS we have decided that "FACTORING" can SAVE a BUSINESS OR TWO from going under an failing.

 Now this type of funding is "NOT" for every Business situation @ hand, but when done correctly its a LIFE SAVER, we have seen some business owners go to their more Traditional Financial Company, like a Bank, Credit Union and/or Mortgage Company and for some strange reason they fail, but we actually can REPORT in over 20 Years we have NEVER had this HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH - EVER (but that doesn't mean it can't happen)...now some BANK(S), et al can do a damn excellent job when it comes to certain financial jobs, but its a rare BEAST when they try to play around into something that is YET old to most of them, but at no real time is a part of them...but most of them DO A DANM GOOD JOB, but again businesses still FAIL, sad, but 100% TRUE.

Now over the years we at S&S Funding Company (TM) have develop a very workable FACTORING PLAN for LGBTQ+ and MINORITY BUSINESS OWNERS and we feel that we MUST save one Business @ a time. so its not everyday that every Entrepreneur Male or Female will seek this program out and that is cool, but it just might lets say a number of those businesses in the Minority District of the State of Arizona - We at S&S Funding Company (TM)

have notice that a few of these business are PRIME for the FACTORING Program, while others are not, but that number is some damn low its SILLY, like .000001%, in other words less than one (1) business and "NO" we will NEVER out them like that, but even they can have a success story as well as make a REAL PROFIT TOO BOOT.

If we can Assist and either Help YOU - WELCOME TO THIS SITE so lets get started and start making YOU a REAL SUCCESS/PROFITABLE STORY. Now that FACTORING again has been around for more than 950 Plus Years and is a Trillion Dollar Business, so, its NO JOKE, nor are we, if we state we can do it - WE CAN DO IT AND WE WILL STAND BY YOU, IF WE ARE WRONG WE WILL PAY YOU UP TO $USD 3.5 million(*) in HARD CASH, we are that GOOD and we have Faith in what WE DO IN THE FIELD OF FACTORING, PERIOD. For those that are ACTUALLY SERIOUS, YOU are required to go to our website/URL @ www.bestbuyfinancialservicesco.us and/or (both) www.ssfundingcompany.us and leave us YOUR valid EMAIL ADDRESS(ES) and follow the actual instruction, if any and the full amount of funding/loans.




(*) some restrictions does apply when concerning the $USD 3.5 Million Hard Cash and is ONLY AVAILABLE to clients within the USA and YOU MUST be a Citizen of the USA @ the signing of this CONTRACT and have "NO" criminal record within or without the USA

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