Let's Talk About Employees Paycheck, et al Part Two (2) More to Come.

Let's Talk About Employees Paycheck, et al Part Two (2) More to Come.

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P     A     R     T          T     W     O     (2)

The Employees Payroll Check, et al

Now those that Work for YOU feel that they DON'T make enough, but they do it anyway, most of them LOVE YOU and the JOB...so lets EXPLORE THE PAYROLL CHECK now the PAYROLL CHECK is vital piece of YOUR financial life. But it can be a shock to see how much "they" take out of it.  As an EMPLOYER  don't YOU sometimes ask YOURSELF who are these People...now the EASY WAY is to head down to YOUR HR Department, but that "NO FUN", the Payroll Check will tell YOU everything, such as do these people Like there Company Benefits...looking at their Paycheck would answer that QUESTION in full?





now YOUR employee(s) pay a little or a lot considering the type of Company Benefit that is OFFERED to them and their Family Members, such as Health/Medical Insurance now if affordable ALL EMPLOYEES are going to Opt - in for the Insurance, but not for the 401(k) for they are most of the time the ONLY BREAD WINNER in the Household, so, that is an expense they can do without for NOW, but they will re-entertain the idea at a later date, unless YOU the EMPLOYER start them on the 401(k) Program for FREE and/or the First Six (6) Months of Employment, the latter is the Better fix and the COST TO YOU THE EMPLOYER IS VERY LOW, since its for ONLY Six (6) Months...by doing this type of Benefit for NU/NEW Employees YOUR Old(er) employees are going to LOVE this and recommend the COMPANY to their family and friend(s) who are in need of a job or looking for employment.





Now above we were talking about 401(k) benefits, there are way more, but this is a Start and to be HONEST the best benefits within a Company Structure is the Medical part and the Taxes (because very employee(s) male or female wishes to know what his/her taxes are going to be and what is deducted) this way they can see what they will have after they pay ALL their bill(s), such as RENT/MORTGAGE, etc. 




If most Employee(s), if he or she had a magic wand they would ask for a Million Dollars, but again that is an actual FANTASY, so they seek things they can and will do, such as seek any form or type of FINANCIALING, if they can afford it, but about 72.6% cannot afford it, until NOW we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) as an Alternative Financial Company have started a NU/NEW, but old way of FUNDING up to $USD 10,000.00 without the Employee having to Pay such back - EVER, but first to QUALIFY that said PERSON MUST BE EMPLOYED AND/OR RETIRED, A U.S. CITIZEN WITH A VALID STREET ADDRESS AND/OR VALID USPS P.O. BOX ADDRESS WITHIN THE U.S. ONLY AND A VALID SSN (THE LAST FOUR ONLY)  AND YOUR FULL DOB, if was in the Military we will require a VALID DD-214 FORM Explaining that YOU DID RECEIVE AN HONORABLE DISCHAGED, EVEN IF IT WAS MEDICAL, AND SENIORS, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A VALID AARP CARD (NO WE DON'T NEED YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER - EVER, JUST THE ABOVE INFORMATION ONLY), but if said Employee(s) is/are Handicapped, et al he or she will also qualify WE DO REQUIRE A COPY OF THE LAST SSI CHECK STUB OR YOUR BANKING INFORMATION, PLEASE REDEACT ANY AND ALL PERSONAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION AND MOST OF THE SSN INFORMATION, AS WELL, EXCEPT THE LAST FOUR OF THE SSN, PLEASE INCLUDE A CONTACT NAME(S) AT THE BANK WE WILL BE ALLOWED TO TALK TO WHEN VERIFYING SAID INFORMATION ONLY. SOMETIMES A CERT. BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRE FOR US TO VERIFY YOUR AGE ONLY.










If Interested please go to the WEBSITE @ www.ssfundingcompany.us and leave us YOUR EMAIL INFORMATION and someone will get back to YOU within a reasonable time frame, but if YOU wish to just LEAVE US an Actual EMAIL ADRESS the EMAIL POST ADDRESS to us is: moneyshoppeco@yahoo.com...here YOU will NEED to include YOUR actual EMAIL REPLY ADDRESS for us to REPLY BACK TO YOU, WITHOUT THAT INFORMATION WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPLY BACK YO YOU, PERIOD.







Stay TURNED for Part Three (3), which is Coming SOON.







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