Lets Talk About payroll for Employee's, Et Al

Lets Talk About payroll for Employee's, Et Al

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Now Every type of business is trying to survive this thing called "PAYROLL" and its NOT Easy (EZ) as long as the EMPLOYER follows the Equal Pay Act (EPA) of 1963 an so on, as for one NEVER Discriminate against anyone solely base on his or her Race, Sexuality, etc. when concerning any type of employment.

Now the EPA does allow for some disparity in pay between employees of different gender(s) under which a number of prescribed circumstances. These include the existence of:

  •  a seniority system

  • merit system

  • system based on quantity or quality of ones output produced

  • other non-gender, race, or sexuality - based system that results in pay differential






now CA minimum wage as of July, 2022 is $USD 14.00 per hour while CO the minimum wage is $USD 12.56 per hour.

Under the FLSA, if an employee's state mandates a HIGHER MINIMUM WAGE than the current federal minimum wages of whatever, the said employee is required to be paid at least the HIGHER STATE RATE.. Such state(s) minimum wages can be significantly higher than the federal minimum wage, as in Washington, where the state minimum wage is currently $USD 14.49 per hour

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*     Also this article is NOT intended as a REPLACEMENT of what is and is not legal within your state, for this YOU will need to consult with either or both a(n) license attorney(s) and/or CPA(s), or Both to determine what is the laws within your state concerning Payroll, etc...THIS IS ONLY A FYI.



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