Money is Green to some, but its Black and Pink to Us and we will NEVER STOP BEING US, et al

Money is Green to some, but its Black and Pink to Us and we will NEVER STOP BEING US, et al

Today is a day we    S     T     O     P     and    T     H     I     N     K     everyday is HARD for some, and the fact one is both Queer and of Color, that factor doesn't help any, while some may feel this is HOLDING THEM BACK, some will see it as a RALLY CRY and they will STAND TALL AND FIGHT, that idea is about 98.9% of every Queer and Minority Entrepreneur we at S&S Funding Company (TM) have ever dealt with some remember the Power Quote:

" We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom. - Stephen V. Ben'et, 1935"

We have notice that most Clients of ours are either Queer and/or Minority, some are both, but they are overly determine to succeed in life, as in business and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that HAPPENS...we are fully aware of the current situation of the FEDS rising the current INTEREST RATE either @ .075% and/or Higher, now if we ware the Feds we would rise the Interest Rate, but NOT Higher than .075%, if anything @ .089.9% and stay at that rate for at least One (1) doing so the FEDS are ensuring that the Economy, as well as Inflation Doesn't Go any Higher, but the prices on some items need to either go down and/or stay frozen at their current stage in PRICES, that is not to say things like GAS and FOOD ITEMS need to go back to at least 2019 or a time when those things were affordable.

Since we are "NOT" a bank of any kind, there are but Four (4) Commercial Minority (M) Bank(s) to include but is NOT limited to Women-Owned Banks, Native American Owned Banks, et al and Non- Minority Banks (NM) we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) would suggest YOU search & Investigate those that are listed below, they are great for NU/NEW Business Owners and very well with Queer, Minority & Women Business Owners , YEAH! We have even ENDORSE ONLY those so listed below, not to say others are not as good, but we did vet(ted) the below so, we will STAND by what is SO LISTED BELOW, unless a Client(s) with us inform us otherwise with proof of some form of wrong doing on the BANK(S) PART, they are as listed below:

  • Bank of America (NM)

  • Sunflower Bank, Salina, Kan. (M/WO)

  • Lumbee Guaranty Bank, Pembroke, NC (M/NAO)

  • Carver Federal Savings Bank, New York (M)

  • One United Bank, CA (M

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