Pay Off YOUR Bills the Alternative Way with a Bill Consolidation Loan and more

Pay Off YOUR Bills the Alternative Way with a Bill Consolidation Loan and more

S&S Funding Company (TM) 





Pay off YOUR bills with our version of a bill consolidation loan and get things done...get from as low as $USD 1,000.00 up to $USD 250,000.00






Today, you FREE YOURSELF from the STRESS of paying sooo many bills every month.







The ONLY REAL difference is that YOUR Traditional Bill Consolidated loan is that its from YOUR BANK, while an Alternative type of Bill Consolidation loan is "NOT" but they operate the same way, but the Alternative Bill Consolidation Loan - NEVER HAS ANY TYPE OF INTEREST, nor any LATE FEES/COSTS so attached to the "LOAN", period...we are NOT any type or form of Traditional Financial Company, at which WE DO NOT HAVE ANY UPFRONT COSTS/FEES for our services, period.

Once a re-payment plan is made - YOU the Client can "NOW" pay the LOAN OFF with BITCOINS...we only ask that if YOU plan on paying off this or any said funding by and through this Alternative Commercial Financial Company that prior arrangement with OUR Credit Department be so made and a Wallet will be set up for such payment plan, immediately under YOUR name. The drawback of this program is that it is handled with a Meeting, but at YOUR Office or Home, YOUR Call on where the meeting is HELD, again HOME OR OFFICE, YOUR call! And such is 100% SAFE and 100% SECURED, WE @ S&S Funding Company (TM) is a very legitimate Alternative Financial company...we will work with YOU when other Financial companies will "NOT"...and most of the time, since WE ARE AN ALTERTNATIVE COMMERCIAL FINANCIAL COMPANY we do "NOT" require any Credit Report or Status (on any loans under $USD 75,000.00, yet, we do require a Credit Report and/or YOUR Current Financial Stratus concerning any Funding over $USD 75,000.00), even if a RECENT Bankruptcy is in the cards when concerning this type of Loan/Funding (the same rules and regulations apply to YOU, as well concerning the same situation at hand)...if interested EMAIL US immediately at the EMAIL so mentioned within the WEBSITE @ now any party or parties interested in such funding or loan(s) YOU are FREE to fax us any and all said forms through our business fax line, which is 100% SECURED and SAFE, but REMEMBER that we ONLY require that YOU use the Last Four (4) Numbers of YOUR Social Security Card Number (also called by us YOUR SSCN)...the fax number is 719.325.7056, and such is 24/7/365, but if YOU would rather forward YOUR documents  by USPS Mail, our mailing address is:



S&S Funding Company (TM)

140 West 29th Street

Pueblo, Colorado 81008,




The Documents that are REQUIRED are the following (and make a copy of the originals, never mail us YOUR originals - EVER):

1. If YOU are a Vet, we require YOUR Award Letter or a Direct Deposit Letter from YOUR Bank or Banks, with YOUR Full Name on it, as well as YOUR mailing Home address (business address is acceptable, as is a P.O. Box Address as long as an Phone number is attached with it that we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) can verify)

2. Your most recent 1040 Tax Forms for the last two YEARS, if Self Employed YOUR most recent 1099 Tax Form from the State and Federal Taxing Departments, such as the I.R.S

NEVER make a Copy of YOUR SSN Card, that is Illegal and we will "NOT" accept such by mail or fax, ALL that we require of YOU concerning the SSN is the last Four (4) and YOUR complete Date of Birth (DOB), NOTHING MORE.

Once we have these forms we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will get to work on the situation and 99.9% of the times we will issue YOU an APPROVAL and DIRECT DEPOSIT the fund in YOUR Bank Account within Hours, days at least two (2), if on the weekends and/or holidays.


Any and all Funding are in US Dollars and are drawn on a US Bank Only...and we at S&S Funding Company (TM) ONLY do funding within and without the following countries, the entire USA, Canada and Parts of this time WE DO NOT HANDLE FUNDING OUTSIDE OF THESE COUNTRIES, PERIOD. Any and all Applicants will be vetted under the United States Patriot Act when concerning Funding(s) of any type.

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