S&S Funding Company (TM)...Is REAL and the NEXT Step In Business Financing as well as Life and More

S&S Funding Company (TM)...Is REAL and the NEXT Step In Business Financing as well as Life and More

Welcome to a Fresh NU/NEW LOOK on Financing and Life this is NOT YOUR Dads, nor YOUR Moms Ol' School of doing business, its an Old look and feel of what was, but DONE BETTER and FRESHER with a TWIST, in life not everything is just Black and White, its filled with a Rainbow of Colors and in this WORLD the COLORS are Us and we don't plan on LOOKING BACK, period.

The World is way different than it was twenty (20) years ago, those of Color was NEVER represented, until now and while some died that part is sad, and some of us will always THANK THEM for their sacrifice, while others saw this as a wake up call to A-C-T-I-O-N and make a better world for OURSELVES and those like us, period, as well as our kids, for they are the FUTURE of who we are for they make us and life better, so this is for them, as well as us, too, but the OLD OUTDATED WAYS DON'T WISH TO QUITELY GO AWAY, that is cool, but it may not wish to change, nor go away, but they will see much BANKRUPTCIES occurring, this is due to the TIMES are changing - YOU WILL EITHER CHANGE WITH IT OR YOU WILL NOT...THAT IS SIMPLE, S&S Funding Company (TM) plan on the change of its OLD WAYS to a FRESH NU/NEW WAY, but we are LOOKING to hire some YOUNG Millennials, but such is NOT as E-Z as just posting a JOB LISTING on Social Media, like LinkedIn (R),  but since I am of the Old School I sometimes get Lost, but after viewing somethings of Social Media I wake up to see that this is a More Different World than it was again Twenty (20) Years Ago.

Most JOB POSTING is about Working But @ Home with Much Benefits and at least two (2) years of experience within the Financial Field, but I have been told by those within my HR Department to the writing of this Article - their are no Takers, but I tell them, LETS give it at least Six (6) more months, if still nothing I informed them to REMOVE the JOB POSTING and MOVE ON.

When YOU see that what YOU can accomplish when working at S&S Funding Company (TM), some that working @ Home is a death sentence and the pay is COMMISSION ONLY, its NOT, some parts are Commission, while other parts are Paid Salary, now "N-O, no" YOU are NOT an Employee, but more of a 1099, but YOU get benefits, such as Medical, Dental, etc., but more and more Millennials are more like their PARENTS they are LOOKING for a 9 to 5 Office J-O-B, job, not a @ HOME J-O-B, job, no matter if the job pays way more, sometimes a lot more, than Dad or Mom job. Now its NOT the Function of this company to try and make the job sound, nor its it OUR job to make the JOB look better than most, even if its ALL THOSE THINGS, the job we do at both S&S Funding Company (TM) and its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is to do what we have been doing for well over 39 Plus Years and that is to take care of those within OUR LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities and their numerous allies...that PART is OUR SOLE MISSION, and we will do it, not HATE, et al.

This Article to those in Need of a company who will stand with them in the times of Good and Successful Time, as well as the BAD Times, when YOU need someone to fight for YOU, its us, NO we are NOT YOUR Traditional Financial Company, like a Bank(s), et al we are the other guys/girls who are like a Bank(s), but we are much better at what we do and we don't STOP until the job is DONE and YOU are Approved for the amount YOU have requested and more.

This is a Time for those who claim they can DO IT or SHUT THE HELL UP already and PUT UP, while we may NOT charge YOU any UPFRONT FEES/COSTS for the things we do - WE ARE NOT THE TYPE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING AND NOT DO IT, THAT PART IS NOT US, PERIOD.

But, most companies, as well as others will tell those interest in coming to us for assistant/help and/or employment matters, not to - but in the LONG RUN WE CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT TO DO, SUCH IS YOUR CALL ON THE MATTER and that we can say is that the PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING AND WE ARE ALL THAT AND MORE.

We hope to see YOU. Thank you for allowing Us to tell OUR PART OF THE STORY.

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