Small Businesses and Taxes & More

Small Businesses and Taxes & More

Now In the Time of the Pandemic the fact(s) that most, if not all business owners had to Lay off or even furlough some, if not many of its employees  and the situation has been quite hard on said Small Business Owners, especially those from the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities, but just maybe there is a LIGHT @ THE END OF THE TUNNEL.





Now, just maybe YOU just might wish to try the Strategy of Hiring YOUR Life Partner or Spouse, be him or her (male or female), hell even Trans, as long as they are filing the proper paperwork with the Local State Revenue Department and the Federal IRS, now YOUR Life Partner, as well as YOUR Spouse need to understand that he or she MUST and will owe state, as well as federal Income payroll taxes on his or her taxes.




Now its NOT an Easy Move but its a SAFE One and the benefits could work within YOUR favor, as well as in the favor of YOUR Life Partner/Spouse, but its is within YOUR best interest to Contact YOUR local CPA and ensure such is Legal and valid or better yet contact YOUR local Revenue Department and/or the Federal IRS Office Near YOU or Go To their site @ for any and all information on this subject @ hand or YOU just might wish to contact us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) we just might have a few LEGAL TRICKS up our sleeve. no matter what direct YOU take understand that the State, as well as the Federal Government NEVER has a Charge for ADVICE, and both State, as well as the Federal part of any Government can NEVER offer any LEGAL ADVICE, so PLEASE don't ask them any QUESTION(S) that may be within the LEGAL AREA, that is reserved for YOUR Legal Counsel(s) or Attorney(s) or CPA(s).














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