The NU/NEW S&S Funding Company (TM) Saving Plan LEVELIN' UP for real this time.











Now, let GO TO YOUR local bank(s) and/or credit union(s) and lets OPEN a Personal Savings Account, first and FARMOST YOU will need the actual CASH MONEY of whatever the said bank is requiring YOU to ESTABLISH/OPEN said Savings Account, it should be "NO" more than $USD 100.00 or less, the less is MORE on the SAFE SIDE I would GO TO a bank located within a Walmart(R) called Academy Bank(R) they are 100% SAFE and very FDIC(R) SECURED (NO ENDORSEMENT ON OUR SIDE, ITS YOUR CALL - AWAYS), now the reasons we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) state the Academy Bank(R) is solely due to that of some clients past experience with them being on a very POSITIVE NOTE that they were treated with RESPECT, from A to Z and they were "NOT" some number but a Person and a Happy Face...they told in the COMMENT SECTION of this BLOG they were TREATED AGAIN, WITH RESPECT, even when they were made aware to the fact of there intentions/sexuality/color of skin...that is the REASON FOR OUR CHOICE OF Academy Bank (R), the Clients picked them, "NOT" us @ S&S Funding Company (TM).









Now ALL U.S. Bank(s)/Credit Union (s) DO require YOUR proof of Citizenship, as well as a VALID SSN, Please have those DOCUMENTS with YOU prior to going to any Financial Institution - without them YOU will NOT be allowed to OPEN an Account, period - UNDERSTAND that ONCE THE ACCOUNT IS OPEN YOU MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW THE BANK INSTRUCTION CONCERNING THE SAVINGS ACCOUNT, PERIOD AND KEEP THE FUNDS IN THE ACCOUNT FOR SIX (6) MONTHS OR MORE, WITHOUT WITHDRAWING IT, FOLLOWING STEP TWO IN THIS BLOG.











 This is a VERY SMALL part of SAVING for RETIREMENT, if YOU are very SERIOUS contact us S&S Funding Company (TM) we just MIGHT be able to assist/help YOU on YOUR ROAD TO A GREAT WAY OF SAVING and YES, WE HAVE OTHERS FINANCIAL TOOL IN OUR OUR BAG OF FINANCIAL TRICKS!?.












Now if YOU are a LGBTQ+/MINORITY LGBTQ+ Senior it just might be in YOUR BEST INTEREST to contact YOUR Local AARP Financial Advisor he/she just might have a different ROAD to take...their WEBSITE is AARP.COM, and those who are Minority LGBTQ+ go to the WEBSITE of the NAACP.COM or HRC.ORG or GLAAD.ORG, they just might again have a better ROAD TO SHARE WITH YOU...SO REACH OUT AND SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU...REMEMBER SOME OF THERE PROGRAMS ARE 100% FREE, WHILE OTHERS MAY COST YOU SOMETHING, SO ASK IF IT IS FREE OR NOT, A CLOSED MONTH NEVER GETS FEED, PERIOD!?.







We @ S & S Funding Company (TM) are going to S    T    O    P     H    E    R    E until NEXT TIME!. 

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