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S     T     E     P          T     W     O          (2)

S     A     V     I     N     G          M     O     N     E     Y      A     N     D     M     O     R     E

The times in this economy is NO ONES FRIEND OR LOVER, every day YOU think is the day I am going to SAVE a little, and the LORD knows YOU try, but in these HARD times its "NOT" that E-Z to say the least.

but there are ways to SAVE and "HELL NO" its "NOT" E-Z, but if done right it could be quite interesting and FUN... now the first trip of SAVING MONEY is having the actual money to SAVE and that is the part of YOUR Employment, be it SELF - EMPLOYED or FULLTIME/PARTTIME, etc. it can be done, but first of all YOU need to be very serious about what YOU are planning on doing...because once YOU start (YES, YOU can STOP - that would be a waste of time, but hell this is FREE so if YOU are "NOT" serious, please don't pretend...this is "NOT" for YOU paid or FREE, if this is "NOT" for YOU don't DO IT, PERIOD) if YOU are serious YOU will love it and the SAVINGS will grow in size, as well as in INTEREST.











Now YOU will first need to Establish/OPEN a SAVINGS ACCOUNT at a Bank(s)/Credit Union(s) YOU trust, most bank(s)/Credit Union(s) require that YOU OPEN said account(s) with a Deposit of at least $USD 50.00, sometimes less, but inquire with YOUR Bank(s)/Credit Union(s) on what is required. Open said account(s) as required and for the first six (6) months place about $USD 25.00 in the account(s) every Month, again for the first six (6) months, after that put at least 20% of YOUR take home pay (after taxes) in this account, at which YOU MUST NEVER remove said funds. also if available inquire about the bank(s)/credit union(s) CD's and their senior programs, if available and any DISCOUNTS, for any deposits $USD 100.00 or more.

As a senior and/or VA VET, most bank(s)/credit union(s) DO OFFER their SENIORS/VA VETS DISCOUNTS, as well as some very special programs, for more information on this YOU might wish to contact the or the, their websites are full of interesting programs solely geared at the Senior/VET LGBTQ+/MINORITY LGBTQ+ communities, just might be in YOUR BEST INTEREST TO AT LEAST CHECK THEM OUT.











Most people feel that once YOU hit the age of 50 plus YOU slow down, that is "NOT" the case for some, YES, most seniors, as well as some VA VETS have families, but SAVING is "NOT" out of their reach - understand that the LGBTQ+, as well as the Minority LGBTQ+ communities are somewhat different in the way We do things when it comes to life and Money, in general - NO WE ARE NOT ALL THAT FIT INTO A BOX, Honey, that is really "NOT" those in the LGBTQ+ RACISM is a very BIG Factor in the way YOU SAVE, as well as live, but remember this is YOUR world and YOU are the BIT*H/BAST*RD in control, no one else, not even us @ S & S Funding Company (TM) its just OUR job to point YOU in the right direction...but knowing the community YOU guys/girls can do it, YOU have PRIDE on YOUR SIDE, and lets "NOT" forget those Trans, they are the HERO's of EVERYDAY LIFE being both men/women, and yet they do this like its NOTHING...they are the NU/NEW STONEWALL - MARCH ON BIT*HES/BAST*RDS.











There is this bank in Denver, Co called something like the IN Bank(R) I went to them to OPEN a Business Account and was RUDELY DISMISSED based on the color of my skin and the simple fact I was a Gay Man - Honey, when one Bank closes its DOORS on YOU go to the NEXT One...until YOU find the RIGHT One for YOU and YOUR business, but if YOU are just trying to establish a personal foot print by OPENING a PERSONAL SAVINGS ACOUNT and they turn YOU away. THANK them and kindly leave and talk about them on SOCIAL MEDIA and give them a very BAD REVIEW, but be HONEST AND REAL, without being RACIST and/or HATEFUL, that is NOT YOU, PERIOD.

S    T    O    P! Now STEP THREE (3) is coming and this time We are getting down to the REAL STUFF - We @ S & S Funding Company (TM) HOPE U - R READY, YES ITS 100% FREE, AGAIN - and is ALWAYS 100% FREE.























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