STOP! Both Inflation and the Economy is Taking YOU Down with It.

STOP! Both Inflation and the Economy is Taking YOU Down with It.

Now...we understand that the OLD Motto is that "TO MAKE MONEY, YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY" that is partly 100% TRUE, but if it is going to cause YOU to go into debt and some Financial Hardship - STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING - NOW! understand that sometimes an investment in most forms are a very GOOD THING, but sometimes that Investment could bring YOU and YOURS DOWN HARD, such as YOUR 401K Portfolio has lets say $USD 15,000, but because of the Economy you loose some $USD 2,500.00 at first YOU are UPSET (How could this HAPPEN TO YOU, Sorry to tell YOU but it happening to a lot of people - YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS) at first YOU feel YOU need to RE-INVEST at times in YOUR HEAD it seem like a great idea, but in the long run its really "NOT" all that GREAT.

If whatever YOU plan to do will cause YOU any type of HARM, such as going into debt, et al - YOU SHOULD JUST STOP NOW AND RETHINK WHAT IT IS YOU ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE, if YOU think by place good money after bad is a GOOD THING YOU are Incorrect...unless YOU have over Billions to invest stay COOL and COLLECTED, even billionaires understand when to invest and when NOT to invest, that is why they have BILLIONS, some have more.

If anyone understand that the bleeding is sucking YOU and YOURS dry, but that is HAPPENING is actually a SHORT TERM thing and if YOU do decide to RE-INVEST, try just a few Hundred Dollars, not Thousand O' Dollars, Honey, save YOUR money for the things that will come upon YOU like YOUR RENT/MORTGAGE payments, Loan Payments, Food Payments, et al these things should be YOUR first priority, not investment...while some investments will make YOU money in the long run - YOU will need to understand that any Investment YOU make has a RISK FACTOR attached to it, so know that when YOU decide to play like the BIG BOYS/GIRLS be ready for the UPS as well as the DOWNS.

In this world YOU have WINNERS and LOSERS, we hope and pray you are the WINNING TYPE, in the long run we can offer YOU our advice at which YOU are 100% FREE TO TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ITS YOUR CHOICE IN LIFE AND INVESTMENT(S)...understand that this world is more like being YOU the entrepreneur who enjoys the RISK of doing BUSINESS, but understand it just NOT YOU IN THIS GAME, IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONES THEY ARE ALSO APART OF THIS AND THEY WILL BE EFFECTED BY WHATEVER YOU DECIDE WHAT ROAD TO TAKE THE FREEDOM OF INVESTMENT OR BEING IN FURTHER DEBT - YOUR CALL.

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