Success In the 21st Century

Success In the 21st Century

S     T     O     P    !

It all about YOU and a Thing Called SUCCESS! Its either some say YOU have it...while others say YOU DON'T, but the HONEST TRUTH IS it always been YOUR CALL, not someone's else's call, they don't know YOU, like YOU know YOU that even goes for us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) we don't pretend to know YOU, for YOU are an individual and we know finances and that is what we do and we are the EXPERTS @ it, promise.





Also, when someone offer YOU Money from YOUR list of Family and Friends and they give YOU some ADVICE OR MONEYOR BOTH and if its about what YOU are planning on doing and it is SOUND, take it the ADVICE, always take the Money don't be CRAZY, it is 100% FREE...and as quit as it sometimes seam when a Family Members or two (2) wishes to Invest in YOU and YOUR business take the Money and come see us immediately and we will have it work for YOU...this service is 100% FREE, the rest of what we do is NOT SO FREE, just sayin'. In any type of business any and all advice is NOT always GOOD, but no matter its YOUR call as always YOU can take it or leaves it, about 41.651% of the time YOU will wish to take it the rest is on a REAL EXPERT and YOURSELF...being a REAL ENTREPRENEUR is about RISK, but its also about being SMART as well, it doesn't hurt being both at the same time.








Now as a person of Color/Black YOU feel YOU have everything against YOU, and YOU would be CORRECT, except that NO MATTER WHAT YOU have something others don't have it, its 100% TRUE FAITH IN G-D, look if Chadwick Boseman, can even everyday play the Black Panther and be very SUCCESSFUL, then SO CAN YOU, the man had Cancer before he died and the world NEVER knew, why, because he was a TRUE SUCCESS STORY and a MAN O' POWER and he had 100% True faith in G-d and himself to the bitter end.






And that is 100% YOU, no matter what YOU can do it, YES it is "NOT" going to happen over NIGHT, but in time its going to happen and YOUR REWARD WILL BE SWEETER THAN HONEY AND YOU WILL BE FULL. YOUR table is set and YOUR plate is FULL, The Father WELCOME YOU as do we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM).





YOU have decided to take a road that is Travel very LEST, but none the LESS it is TRAVELED and YOU are a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR and the RISK maybe heavy, but again they are so, sweet, and the wait is GREAT, TOO! - understand that "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD" AS TOLD TO US IN AN OLD AFRICAN PROVERB OF OUR ANCESTORY...not everything comes from a more Traditional Financial Company, like a Bank, et al some things are MORE IN YOUR FACE than YOU think and its called ALTERNATIVE FINANCES, and when done right it can be EXCELLENT AND REWARDING, TOO! But there is a BAD SIDE, as well as DARK SIDE of this their are those who will tell YOU one thing about success and offer, nor give YOU any proof, nor any actual evidence, ask them to at least provide YOU with some References to the fact they are TRULY LEGITIMATE, such as being listed with the Local BBB Office, et al and just maybe they also are listed with the Secty. of State office...we are just sayin' we have had a number of NU/NEW Clients come to us with these type of Horror Stories and we try to fix the issues at hand, sometimes we can other times it just too "F" ed up and we cannot fix it period we have to start from scratch, and it takes some times but we get the job done correctly and we DON'T need to LIE, nor SCAM/CON the party @ hand, YEAH! WE ARE THAT GOOD AT OUR JOB.





Everyday we search Linkedin (R) for UPLIFTING and INSPIRING STORIES of People of Color/Black and LGBTQ+ stories, but we were somewhat amazed at the actual number of COOL AS* Stories in LINKEDIN (R) from people of Color/Black and of those who are 100% LGBTQ+, as well as Women of Color, too, black, brown, yellow, et al and they get a SHOUT OUT from US @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM)...there are those who claim they are of Color, and that is 100% TRUE, but one thing they forgot to state they are only of color due to the outing of their skin color, yet they are sooo white its scarey, look a the "B" who is doing the halftime show with the racist NFL (R) she was so with us she SOLD US OUT FOR A PROFIT FOR HERSELF - SO NEXT TO HER AND SHE KNOW WHO SHE IS.

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