The 100% FREE " How To Claim Money & Property that is Rightfully YOURS"

The 100% FREE " How To Claim Money & Property that is Rightfully YOURS"



Want YOU to Claim what's YOURS...and GET YOUR MONEY NOW!

People from every corner of the WORLD have money and various other property that belong to them but are completely unaware of it. These assets can be hidden in places unaware to some, such as safety deposit boxes to government agencies and banking institutions. Wherever these Assets are, they equal BILLIONS OF DOLLARS sometimes more.

We say BILLIONS, but let's be very Honest, again it could be more...but from our investigation into this matter, it is well over $USD 45.5 Billion or more in states UNCLAIMED PROPERTY AGENCIES waiting to be RETURNED to its RIGHTFUL OWNER(S). And there's more sitting unclaimed in Federal Accounts and other places.






We do offer a 100% FREE list of agencies within YOUR state(s), as well as some countries, such as Canada and Mexico...but ONLY to those who are interested and are willing to give us a valid EMAIL ADDRESS and valid MAILING ADDRESS and WE WILL FORWARD the information to YOU.






But if YOU wish for Us at S&S Funding Company (TM) to Assist/Help YOU in claiming the said funds we will do just that for a flat fee of $USD 25.00, plus a 6.5% Commission of what we find, after that the rest is YOURS to do as YOU see fit.

Understand that some UNCLAIMED Funds could be as LOW as just pennies on the dollar or in the Millions, but YOU will NEVER know if YOU don't VENTURE FORTH. What We send YOU is as CURRENT (on the date and time said was sent), but can change at the time YOU are in receipt of said information, if so just contact us, by LANDLINE, CELL PHONE, EMAIL OR WHATEVER FORM YOU LIKE and we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will send YOU a MORE UP TO DATE INFORMATION BOOKLET, ETC., 100% FREE OF CHARGE within 24 Hours of the date and time of receipt...such is sent by GROUND USPS, if YOU wish such by Priority Mail or Over Night Express Mail We will charge YOU for said Mailing that is "NOT" FREE, period and such REQUEST OF anything that is "NOT" FREE must be in actual written form and signed by YOU, if that is COOL with YOU we will EMAIL YOU THE FORM for YOUR Signature and after such is in receipt We will send YOUR packet ASAP, 90% of the time within hours, not days, actually the NEXT BUSINESS DAY even if on the WEEKEND (SAT. AND/OR SUN.) OR A MAJOR HOLIDAY (STATE, FEDERAL, OR COUNTY) (such is an EXTRA FEE for this type of EXPRESS SERVICE).





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