The Business World, Financing, Mask Mandate , The Economy and YOU

The Business World, Financing, Mask Mandate , The Economy and YOU

S&S Funding Company (TM)

The 21st Century is made of those who will have their own versions of what is and is "NOT" within their thinking frame of mind, such as.

The Masking Mandate, since the Pandemic/COVID-19 happen the Nation, if not the world has been TURNED UP SIDE DOWN and Honey YOU cannot get two people in the same room who will AGREE on what is BETTER for him/ this is just OUR OPINION, YES, its based on some FACTS as we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) see it, but if YOU don't AGREE with it that is also COOL and YOU should "NOT" be JUDGE(D) on YOUR OPINION, if YOU DON'T AGREE with us!?.

All I know is that many America's have died and for what I know "NOT" for some reason He above has that answer, NOT US, period, but it would have been way cool if He shared it with Us at which we could have shared it with YOU and the WORLD, but "NO" SUCH LUCK! Now many states have removed the MASK MANDATE, while others are lets wait and SEE, to be quite HONEST, I LOVE the wait plan, better, just in case the PANDEMIC comes back, this time with a VENGEANCE and this time we are going to LOOSE (HATE TO SAY IT, BUT IN OUR OPINION I DON'T SEE US WINNING UNLESS WE ALL WORK TOGETHER ON THIS AND STOP POINTING FINGERS OF BLAME, BULLSH*T).

Now, the US Government CDC is behind the make it or break it, first the MASKING MANDATE, this part I will HOLD OUR OPINION, since its a very HOT TOPIC right now, and when such involves Moms, as well as Dads, that is just ONE argument I will "NOT" have any OPINION, because family members will protect family members right or wrong, they will always have their back(s).





So, back to the CDC at this time they are OUR Family Member from another Mother, but I will always have HER BACK, even if I don't agree with her 100% of the time, but LETS be honest she has "NOT" put us in HARMS WAY, if anything she has done everything to PROTECT US, from this EVIL PANDEMIC, called the ECONOMY is a very TRICKY SUBJECT, but it has caused some to suffer loses, even go through BANKRUPTCY(IES)...but they survived the hard time(s), and its been HARD on a lot of innocent people of ALL colors and makes, such include those within the Minority and LGBTQ+ communities the HARDEST, but they are a very FIERCE BUNCH, and they like us bounced back, better than they were YESTERDAY. @ S&S Funding Company (TM) does see that NOT everything is a GOOD THING, nor is it a BAD THING, it's what YOU make it - and we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) are the type of company who is a FIERCE WINNER, but this Pandemic/COVID-19 has been a torn in our AS*ES, but we were victorious and it was "NOT" AN EASY TASK to boot...but it was and still is a GUESS who just will NOT leave and is a real BIT*H, in a very bad way.

But to be HONEST, as of 3/07/2022 deaths around the country, if not the world are DOWN, so, we do AGREE that if YOU are 100% vaccinated, and have had a booster shot than we say remove the MASK and the MASK MANDATE IMMEDIATELY, as long as its 100% SAFE, but honestly what is 100% SAFE ANYMORE...all we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) know is that the Economy is DOWN and inflation is going down too slowly but surely, it's a time to PARTY and say THANK G-d, He is GREAT.





For once EVERYONE need to stand or sit down and TALK to each other - even if YOU DON'T AGREE WITH EACH OTHER, lets be very OPEN and HONEST, we are not going to agree on every word YOU claim, some will be questioned, some will "NOT"...but they will make YOU think...and THINK HARD.

If doing this is SOLELY BASED on one color of skin or his/her sexuality, than just maybe YOU just might wish to stay home...the meeting will already be TOXIC, and YOUR RACIST VIEWS ARE NOT NEEDED, BUT THOSE WHO WISH TO HEAR THEM ARE SAYIN' THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU AND ARE AS EVIL AS YOU...AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE YOU OR YOUR MIND, PERIOD., but those who are "NOT" racist, nor hateful should continue the meeting and truly listen to the PROS and the CONS and be OPEN and OBJECTIVE to any and all points of views, even if YOU don't truly AGREE WITH THEM, PERIOD.





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