The E-Z Side of Borrowing Money for YOUR Business(es) LGBTQ+ Minority or Not, Gay, Lesbian, Tran or Str8...WE JUST MIGHT HAVE MONEY/PLAN FOR YOU - Check Us OUT!!!

The E-Z Side of Borrowing Money for YOUR Business(es) LGBTQ+ Minority or Not, Gay, Lesbian, Tran or Str8...WE JUST MIGHT HAVE MONEY/PLAN FOR YOU - Check Us OUT!!!

W    E    L    C    O    M     E

T    O

The NEXT Level in the World of B2B Financing

First and farmost let talk about the Elephant in the room, HELL YEAH, Barrowing Money right now is NOT CHEAP right now BORROWING Money is at an all time high of about  .075 percentage rate (and we have been told it might go higher next month- HANG ON IF TRUE, its going to be a bumpy ride) by the HIKE of the Dept. of Treasury/FEDS but to survive one would have to either be very RICH or have a Money Tree in his/her back yard, but if they DO NOT have that they can always try the Traditional Financial Way, such as a BANK, et al and without the proper collateral, they might say NO! out right and than YOU are back at Square One again, but this time YOU have a NO! on YOUR Financial paperwork - but YOU are told about us, S&S Funding Company (TM), YES!? We are NOT a Bank per say, but we can get YOU the Funding/Loans YOU are in need of and WE DO NOT OFFER OUR SERVICES AT AN UPFRONT FEES/COSTS, that is NOT in YOUR BEST Interest, nor ours.

Now any Funding/Loans that we do get YOU PLEASE understand that its LEGITIMATE AND HONEST MONEY, but its NOT FREE, and YOU are required to pay such back on a monthly schedule plan and with interest, set by the state, as well as the federal government - THAT PART IS LAW AND IS LEGAL.





Now we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will work with YOU be prior to any type of FUNDING/LOANS we will require that YOU Signed and Submit back to us OUR PATROIT ACT AGREEMENT, without that on FILE we are UNABLE to work with YOU, period. We also do FACTORING on a small scale up to the Multi million dollar range, that also include Pre-Settlement Funding up to $USD 12.950 Billion (the is ONLY available in the USA, as well as Canada), but from our staff we have been told that MOST of their Clients actually went to their Banks, et al first only to be dragged along just to be TOLD "A HARD NO!" and most are shocked when they hear a YES!/Approval from us concerning the Funding/Loans, even with their bad credit, no credit  or recent Bankruptcy or just being in business for less than One (1) Year...They have been asked if the Company was Legitimate, and we tell them YES, to the Question asked, as well as ANSWERED by us. They are also SHOCKED by the simple fact we have been doing this for well over 39 Plus years in the Minority/Gay Community until now they didn't even know about us and/or the type of alternative finances we offer...that PART is 100% TRUE since we only did FACTORING  at that time and only up to just $ USD 500,000.00, but TODAY we do everything from Factoring, Pre-Settlement Funding, LBO's, MBO's, MCA's, Business Equipment Leasing in the Billion Dollar Range and more, way more but again WE ARE NOT A TRADITIONAL FINACIAL COMPANY like a bank, credit union or mortgage company - we are the other guys/girls and WE ARE THE YES! TO THE FUNDING/LOANS PEOPLE...SO WHAT CAN WE SAY, WE A JUST THAT GOOD AND MORE.














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