The Alternative  LGBTQ/Minority Commercial Funding Market and were is it going (SHORT VERSION)

The Alternative LGBTQ/Minority Commercial Funding Market and were is it going (SHORT VERSION)

S&S Funding Company (TM)


The Alternative Commercial Funding Market of the Future

The Alternative Market is a VERY FRESH NU/NEW Look towards the success and profits that can be made when done CORRECTLY, but YOU have a few who would those TRUE Entrepreneurs stay quit and in their place, but Honey that NOT the GAY/QUEER Way, and 99.9% of Minority Queers are "NOT" going to play that game, so its on.

The KID GLOVES are off, but the same ol' story is that MOST People Gay or Non-Gays still seek out the Traditional Financial Companies, like Banks, et al only to be turned down, but 98.9% of the TIME we say HELL YEAH to most Funding deals, that are within the USA, Canada and some part of Mexico.





There is True Success and then there is the Success that exist in one head, but S&S Funding Company (TM) can make that part a TRUE reality, but first YOU actually need to want it...but at a very FAIR Interest Rate(S) and sometimes NO-COLLATERAL, PERIOD WHEN POSSIBLE and 78.8% of the TIME it's a NO-COLLATERAL DEAL. Yes, Factoring is just one of the TOOLS at OUR deposal and TRUE factoring is NEVER IN THE FORM OF A LOAN - EVER!

Now we @ S&S Funding Company(TM) do offer other said financial TOOLS at YOUR deposal, such as Venture Capital, Leasing Capital, LBO's, MBO's, MCA's, et al from a mere $USD 25,000.00 as high as $USD 19.5 Billion, sometimes more, in actual CASH Money Loans, but the clear factor is that WE ARE NOT ANY TYPE OR FORM OF TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY, SUCH AS A BANK(S), CREDIT UNION(S), ET AL, so please DON'T confuse Us with them, because we are "NOT" them, period.

MOST Individuals feel we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) have some form of UPFRONT FEES/COSTS, we DON'T have these fees, nor costs until after the funding is made and some form of agreement/contract has been signed prior to the said funding.

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