The FAST Shrinking Dollar and the NU/NEW Economy and the S&S Funding Company (TM) way, How Can We Assist YOU or Help YOU In These Times!?.

The FAST Shrinking Dollar and the NU/NEW Economy and the S&S Funding Company (TM) way, How Can We Assist YOU or Help YOU In These Times!?.

S&S Funding Company (TM)

F     A     S     T     T     R     A     C      K       T  O   A   F  I  N  A  N  C  I  A  L      F  U  T  U  R  E

During the Pandemic the Minority and LGBTQ+ Way

Now as MOST People know that Inflation is soaring way over 7% and MOST, if not all Economists are predicting well over reading some REPORTS some will blame President Biden, that "NOT" the whole truth, YES, he just might have some errors concerning the current situation at hand, but he was "NOT" the main problem, most don't wish to BLAME the party responsible that WOULD be Trump and the Citizens, YES, both Dem.'s, as well as GOPS/REPS and a few Ind.' be quite HONEST everyone would like to BLAME the other Guy(s) or even Girl(s), but the TRUTH is that in reality - all are to blame, plain and simple - FACT!?.


 Please, LETS NOT play the BLAME game and put it on President Biden, as much as some hate Trump, he did some of the mess, but "NOT" all of it, so YES, he is a RACIST, but this was "NOT" all his doing, nor is it on Biden, either there is enough blame to GO AROUND to everyone, including the US Citizens, yes, YOU (and Me, too - but, I drink some of my own KOOL-AID and I am a WINNER, Now)!? so, just for FUN, READ ON.




We can say hey lets POUR Trillions of Dollars on the Problem, but that is "NOT" going to solve anything BUT point the finger at the idiot or idiots who came up with that IDEA ( in the first place) when it doesn't work, it would be a "F" ing Band-Aid, nothing more - a very SHORT TERM FIXER for a LONG TERM PROBLEM, but just maybe someone, like S&S Funding Company (TM) may have a some what (NOT NU/NEW Financial solution)...looking such as this may "NOT" be an EASY FIX, type of problem since it is the DAMN ECONOMY, as well as INFLATION and MOST people will say they have the ANSWER, but let again, be OPEN and HONEST, such may NOT be the TRUTH when concerning this issue(s) at hand... look this is a 100% FREE Article which may be the ANSWER to any or all YOUR Financial Problem(s) or it just might "NOT" be, but its a START...So, with that LETS get Started.






The magic word for today is INFLATION and HOW CAN I/WE SURVIVE IT? The simple answer is Invest and Savings, HELL N-O, no its "NOT" E-Z, but it is a We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) love the BITCOIN MARKET, since its as GOOD as Gold in some cases, but like in any INVESTMENT the market for BITCOIN(R) is crazy, but very PROFITABLE when DONE correctly, Now as a Minority, as well as a PROUD LGBTQ+ business person I invest/save about $USD 390.00 or more a month on Savings/BITCOINS(R) the RISK are very HIGH when investing in BITCOINS(R), but they are 100% SAFE, as well as SECURE when DONE RIGHT, and the MARKET is full of Scammer, as well as Con men and women, so YOU just might want to be EXTRA CAREFUL when dealing in this market, its somewhat NU/NEW, but S&S Funding Company (TM) will DO 99.9% of the Work for YOU on the Investing part and setting everything up, and YES the SET-UP time is 100% FREE, but the investment part is 100% on YOU.






If this Market is for YOU after One (1) full year, in the BITCOIN(R) Market We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will place up to $USD 650.00 every year in YOUR BITCOIN(R) Account for FREE and YOU DON'T have to EVER pay this back, its OUR GIFT TO YOU the NU/NEW Client(s)...understand that it just might make some sense to HOLD a SMALL AMOUNT of fractional BITCOIN(R) as a SAFETY MEASURE, and as we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) have said that BITCOIN(R) are 100% SAFE, as well as SECURED when done right and they have a very good security risk rate, so YOU as an LGBTQ+/Minority LGBTQ+ investor just might wish to really look into this as a GOOD part of YOUR Investment Portfolio. Understand BITCOIN(R) are and is "NOT" for everyone, so again BE CAREFUL, this is YOUR Money and/or YOUR Retirement Money, so its worth looking into everything and DON'T settle for the FIRST THING that comes YOUR way, let us steer YOU in the right Direction, its OUR sole job to help and assist those who are like Us...the LGBTQ+/Minority LGBTQ+ Way and our Numerous Allies.


But, if YOU wish We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will Invest YOUR Money into what is considered the SMART MONEY BET WAY, and that is the GOLD MARKET, but we will talk about that NEXT TIME in this BLOG LOOK for the Article which is coming very soon!?.



Please take note, EVERY Investment be it short term or long term has some form of RISK attached to it, and if any claims it DOESN'T is an out right LIAR, et al.


S&S Funding Company (TM) will never LIE to YOU about Savings, Investments, etc. but the simple fact(s) are that this is a HARD TIME for all so be EXTRA CAREFUL we concerning anything that deals with YOU and YOUR MONEY, as well as any Sensitive Information - NEVER SHARE IT with anyone YOU don't know, nor TRUST, if YOU feel uneasy about the situation contact the LOCAL BBB.ORG Office or again YOUR local BBB Office, they can and will assist/help YOU, period and also contact YOUR local Authorities they to will assist/help YOU especially if YOU are a Senior or VET or HANDICAP VET, they will again assist/help YOU.


But if YOU are of a certain color and YOU don't TRUST YOUR LOCAL POLICE, ask them to send a OFFICER of YOUR SAME RACE, and try not to be RACIST, because I have found that some white officers are just as COOL as those of COLOR, but that is not the CASE in every factors when concerning some parties of color...SO THE CALL IS YOURS AND YOURS ALONE TO MAKE, BUT IT IS BOTH FAIR AND JUST WHEN DONE CORRECTLY AND WITHOUT RACISM, AS A FACTOR IN THE MIX.

















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