The Financial Market and YOU - THIS IS NOT A TEST, PERIOD - READ ON, PLEASE!

The Financial Market and YOU - THIS IS NOT A TEST, PERIOD - READ ON, PLEASE!

Hello and Welcome


YOUR NEXT STEP in YOUR Financial Future - If YOU decide to take it - ON.




As a minority, as well as queer folk(s) everyday YOU are over rammed with offers of some type of assistance, as well as help when concerning YOU and YOUR current Financial Situation...and being SMART is YOUR First Step in success - NOW YOU are a Brand NU/NEW business owner and YOU must make the right decision on who and what YOU plan to do, as well as where YOU plan to Bank, et al.

We at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) understand this, but rest assure we are only interested in YOU and YOUR SUCCESS, even if YOU decide "NOT" to utilize us at any point in YOUR existence, now the say to make MONEY, one has to spend some MONEY, that is TRUE in a way, but not true in every CASE and time has shown us that sometimes the spending of money can also cost YOU in the long run - SO YOU JUST MIGHT WISH TO HOLD ON TO YOUR MONEY FOR AT LEAST A YEAR OR MORE, just sayin'

Now some Traditional Financial Company(ies), like YOUR Bank, et al will TELL YOU the opposite of what we claim and YOU are FREE to take their advice, like we said prior that "NOT" every case of MONEY and FINANCES is/are the same, so understand if YOU feel that YOUR BANK is ROBBING YOU, they just might be, but and we say "BUT" in a very BIG way that understand that almost most banking institution(s) are out for YOUR best interest, understand when YOU make MONEY, so does the BANK(S), there is that "BUT" again sometimes YOU will require that EXTRA HAND UP in the BUSINESS WORLD, and when YOUR BANK, et al TELLS YOU N-O, no! we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) just might be able to say 100% YES! to YOUR NU/NEW Financial Plan, even with a Recent Bankruptcy and/or just being in business for less than two (2) years existence, either way we got YOU, if we are apart of the plan, if NOT GOOD LUCK.







Now, everyday is just that a NU/NEW and very wonderful dal, and at some points in time its going to be very STRESSFUL to the point of MADNESS, but YOU got this, understand that the rewards will always out weight the loses, as well as the PAINS...and at some point in YOUR existence we will be their for YOU when YOU decide YOU need us and our assistant/help...most clients who decide to come to us ask us if we are a BANK OF KIND, and we inform them we are "NOT" a BANK, el al of any kind we are an 100% Alternative Financial Service Company, in other words we are the other guys/girls, an we are the BEST at what we do and we have been at this for well over 39 plus years.





if YOU think that we have some form of UPFRONT FEES/COST, YOU would be WRONG, that is "NOT" who, nor what we are...we get PAID after the agreement/deal is completed and YOU have YOUR complete Funding/Loans in hand and/or within YOUR bank(s)...also, we are just on-line not a walk-in, period, in numerous articles , as well as BLOGS we have been very OPEN and HONEST about this part of us and how we do business, its "NO" secret that we do business ONLINE ONLY, but also it "NO" secret that we get the J-O-B, job DONE, period and within a reasonable time frame, about ten (10) working days and/or less, understand if what YOU are requesting is over the $USD 100 million mark the TIME FRAME OF COMPLETION IS MORE THAN TEN (10) WORKING DAYS, its more like 14 working days, the same time frame is for any and all Commercial REAL ESTATE Project Deals.







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