The Future of the Alternative Financial Market is here?

The Future of the Alternative Financial Market is here?

The times are hard in the Alternative Commercial Financial Market, but such is FUN AS HELL. everyday is a road that most in the Commercial Alternative Financial Market for and within both the LGBTQ+ and Minority Community in the entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico.

Every time in this market, Alternative Commercial Financial Market such is a multi-billion dollar industry, S&S Funding Company (TM) is "NOT" your traditional financial company such as a BANK, et al - when they tell YOU N-O, no...90% Plus will say "YES" and most of the time we don't ask for any collateral, real estate or otherwise.

Financial Options on the level of a Personal Loan(s) up to $USD 75,000, sometimes with, as well as without Good Credit the FUTURE of good funding on the BEST terms is are only job in this BUSINESS...we have the RIGHT PLAN for YOU, as we said we are "NOT" YOUR traditional financial company within or without the State of Colorado we have been at this for well over 39 years...the MONEY BUSINESS that is - and we are that GOOD, too!

This Holiday is a day o' time is now upon us...and we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) - no, its "NOT" going to be EZ and its "NOT" going to be FOREVER but its going to be apart o' YOUR LIFE that is why we are here for YOU 24/7 Online (ONLY) just reach out for HELP! When YOU need us @ S&S Funding Company (TM).

Some feel and ask if we are some type of Mortgage Company or some form of Payday Loan Company. The answer to both of those questions is a very hard "N-O, no" we are neither of those type of companies, period. We are nothing more than an Alternative Commercial Financial Company - that is "NOT" any type of BANK, et al and we cannot express that side of us to YOU and the WORLD within and without the USA and Canada, we are the other guys/girls who are VERY PROFESSIONAL @ whatever we decide to do within both the state, as well as federal laws, rules and/or regulations concerning the Alternative Commercial Financial Market within and without the Federal and State of Colorado LGBTQ+/Minority businesses and non-businesses market(s).

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