The NU/NEW Digital Market and YOU - Which Way is Up or Is It Down, Again!

The NU/NEW Digital Market and YOU - Which Way is Up or Is It Down, Again!

S&S Funding Company (TM)








The Other side of the Digital Currency of the BITCOIN(S), et al

Today YOU are a Millionaire, even a Billionaire, but again YOU could loose it ALL and more having the RIGHT Financial Tools at Hand is YOUR BEST DEFENSE concerning this violent of a market...the BEST TAX Advisor(s), in OUR OPINION is NOT Us @ S&S Funding Company (TM), but Turbo Tax (R) they have become somewhat of an EXPERT in this matter @ hand, and we at S&S Funding Company (TM) use their SOFTWARE at every turn when concerning Taxes and finances, and companies who don't share information like that are out for ONE thing and that is too FATTEN their WALLET, but we are the other guy(s)/girl(s) who are out for OUR CLIENTS High  or Super High Income to Middle Income to Low to Very Low Income, no matter YOU ARE THE SAME TO US.








Now We have a few Employees who know the Pros and Cons, as well as the Ins and outs of the digital currency (BITCOINS) and they can an will be ANSWERED to any and all YOUR question(s) directly concerning the digital currency market and BITCOINS prior to any INVESTMENT, et al and such is 100% FREE OF CHARGE - it should be NOTED that any and all questions addressed concerning the digital currency market is and SHALL always be handled by EMAIL ONLY during the first two Consultant meetings after that a Zoom is set-up for face to face this is NOT 100% FREE OF CHANGE and the Certified  Asst. Broker (CAB) will and shall infor YOU of the actual cost of said ZOOM(R) Meeting at which YOU may decline an the ZOOM(R) call will be immediately disconnect and YOU the Client are "NOT" charged.





Now Alert...this Market is NU/NEW, but it has some of the OLD Players called SCAMMER and CON MEN/WOMEN, so if YOU ARE NU/NEW to this just be careful as NOTE in prior Articles of S&S Funding Company (TM) start very SMALL IN THE INVESTMENT AREA, after YOU get to know YOUR way around than and only than UP YOUR INVEST - but NEVER put ALL YOUR EEGS IN ONE BASKET, Not matter who is TALKING TO YOU EXPERT OR SCAMMER YOU are in control of YOURS, SO, YOU ARE THE DAMN BOSS, PERIOD. This Massage is mostly for VETS, Handicap VETS, SENIORS or anyone who just cannot afford to lose any money right NOW - RICH OR POOR, stay IN CONTROL, the RICHES WILL COME SOONER, IF NOT LATER - BUT WE ARE NOT A  LETS GET RICH QUIK SCAM, if YOU feel this contact YOUR local BBB Office, as well as YOUR Local Authorities they will assist and help YOU.


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