The NU/NEW Financial Freedom is Here 4 - U are YOU Ready 4 It?

The NU/NEW Financial Freedom is Here 4 - U are YOU Ready 4 It?

S&S Funding Company (TM)





 We may Have What YOU Are Looking For...which Is a Time For A Serious Look and Review of YOUR Current Situation we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) understand when a Clients tells us that at this time MONEY IS TIGHT, as well as the Family Finances - just maybe we have the RIGHT PLAN(S) FOR YOU AND YOURS...Now with PLAN ONE...YOU Might wish to look at the PERSONAL LOAN Side of things, if it will make YOU feel more COMFORTIBLE knowing YOU can get funding up to $USD 300,000.00 with either Good, Bad and/or Poor Credit - JUST MAYBE WE GOT JUST WHAT YOU AND YOURS NEED.


YOU and YOURS are maybe more interested in trying what is called a "Bill Consolidation Loan" that is somewhat easy to apply for and we have a very great record at getting people approved even with Bad to even Poor Credit, at times even with a RECENT Bankruptcy, as long as the Bankruptcy has been fully Resolved in the Court System. 



YOU just might wish to LOOK at PLAN TWO (2)...this is more on the Business side of things and it would be in YOUR BEST INTEREST to go to the web site for more information or better yet EMAIL us at and we will get YOU the information within 24 hours or less in YOUR INBOX.

If YOU are in need of Auto Funding/Loan S&S Funding Company (TM) working with its sister company: Money Shoppe Company (SM) are establishing a Non-Payback Loan for Low Income, for those who are VA Vets and Handicap VA Vets (that YOU can provide proof of a Honorable Discharge, Medical or Non - Medical or a DD214 Form) that also includes Seniors at age starting at 55+ and YES, this is a LEGITIMATE and REAL Financial Program, but is ONLY available by and through both or either S&S Funding Company (TM), Money Shoppe Company (SM) and the Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) - they are Alternative Commercial Financial Companies, and are "NOT" Traditional Financial companies, such as your Local/National Bank(s), Credit Union(s), et al, nor is/are we a Payday type loan company, if interested in the AUTO PROGRAM, go to the WEBSITES of S&S Funding Co (TM)...their website address is:, Money Shoppe Co (SM), their website address is: or go to the parent company website it is: - understand this programs will begin on 9/2022, and/or there after.






Car Dealers and/or Dealerships first MUST be approved by any of the above Financial Companies - such is 100% FREE to any and all dealers and dealerships, prior to the month of September of 2022 and there after, said cost would be a mere $USD 100.00 per Dealer(s)/Dealership(s) to JOIN, but as of this date NO SAID DEALER(S)/DEALERSHIP(S) has/have joined, but as NOTE within the WEBSITE, if NO Car Dealer(s)/Dealership(s) has/have joined said PROGRAM such will NOT BE ESTABLISHED and REMOVED Immediately and "NOT REPEATED, PERIOD" for LACK OF INTEREST ON THE PART OF THE DEALER(S)/DEALERSHIP(S), not those interested we will call CLIENTS.










Now these Funding/Loan Programs are ONLY Available by and through the Online Service of these so mentioned above companies, so, ONLY IF INTERESTED YOU ARE FREE TO CONTACT US BY EITHER EMAIL, at which someone will reply back to YOU within 48 Hours or Less and/or YOU can use the CONTACT US on the the WEBSITE of Each Company Private Website at which YOU, again may leave us an URGENT MESSAGE and We will REPLY within 12 Hour or less when done this way...but either way someone will get back to YOU - Now if the TIME FRAMES are too LATE for YOU Please PUT IN THE LEFT HAND CORNER - THAT SUCH IS OF AN URGENT MATTER AND YOU NEED A REPLY IN LESS THAN UP TO FOUR (4) HOURS OR LESS AND TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE AN A REPLY WILL BE SEND URGENTLY WITHIN THE TIME FRAME REQUESTED.


As NOTED within this Article we are very LEGITIMATE, as well as HONEST when it comes to what we do and everything we claim we will put it in WRITTEN FORM and forward YOU a copy once signed any and all DOCUMENTS are sent by a SECURED LINE and is 100% SAFE, all Documents prior to YOUR signature are sent by and through DOCUSIGN(R) FREE TO YOU THE CLIENT(S).













At anytime YOU are in need of some FAQ's please refer back to the WEBSITE for the answer(s), if such is "NOT" able to answer YOUR Question(s) Please feel free to contact us by EMAIL and we will try to ANSWER the Question(s) for YOU within a reasonable time frame - UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NEVER ALONE ON THIS JOURNEY WE GOT YOU - ALWAYS!









 Up To Date Notice Concerning A Mortgage Funding and The Alternative Financial Market:


Now we at S&S Funding Company (TM), nor its parent company part and/or whole of a Licensed Mortgage Company, nor are we licensed as a Realtor, we are 100% an Alternative Financial Company, that does Funding and Loans that concern this market in part, as well as whole...the ONLY drawback to what we offer is that we are "NOT" a Traditional Financial Company such as a National/International Bank(s), Credit Union(s), Mortgage Company(ies), et al and at no time are we a PAYDAY LOAN Company and/or Check Cashing Company.

And what we do is 100% Legitimate, and there are NO UPFORNT FEES/COSTS to this SERVICE - again the ONLY drawback is that its all DONE ONLINE, but is 100% SAFE and SECURE, but if YOU are interested in whatever we can do for YOU, PLEASE feel FREE to EMAIL us concerning this Program.



 Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is an AMERICAN COMPANY, but the simple fact we are 100% GMO, which stand for Gay Minority Owned Company...and the low amounts of the Funding/Loans is in the mere amount of $USD 50,000.00 and as high as $USD10 Million and this Program is ONLY available within the Entire USA and Canada Only.





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