The NU/NEW Year 2023 In the Alternative Financial World is COMING 2 A TOWN NEAR YOU, but are YOU ready for it!?.

The NU/NEW Year 2023 In the Alternative Financial World is COMING 2 A TOWN NEAR YOU, but are YOU ready for it!?.

Welcome to a Fresh NU/NEW Year, 2023 but its NOT all about roses if last year taught us anything in the WORLD O' FINANCING its that not everything going the way of what is RIGHT, as well as traditional, such as with a BANK(S), et al..."NO!" we will not bad mouth the Traditional Market Place that is NOT Us, but it is use to ensure that any and all of our clients old and NU/NEW get whatever they desire in the financial area.

Now how business operates is NOW very different it now requires MORE of an effort with fresh eyes and the NU/NEW Way of doing business and handling those who are different than we are, so as within the LGBTQ+/Minority Communities, boy has time changed and for the BETTER.

Now being a NU/NEW Business Person, male and/or female is NOT an easy task, first and farmost YOU will have to ensure that all your DUCKS are in a row, like making sure YOU have the proper Financial Team behind YOU, that can be made up as YOUR more Traditional Financial, such as YOUR bank(s), credit union(s) and/or mortgage company(ies), but since we are "NOT" YOUR Traditional Financial company, we are the other guys/girls, the Alternative Financial Market, we may NOT be a bank(s), et al but we offer the same type of financial services just on a very different scale and we DON'T require any UPFRONT FEES/COSTS...and 90% of those within the more Traditional Financial Market Places are looking more a GOOD INVESTMENT we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) are seeking the same with one different, we NEVER leave YOU period and we teach YOU the Pros and Cons of business, in other word(s) we hook YOU up with the right business partners - FREE OF CHARGE, its part of the INVEST and its on Us @ S&S Funding Company (TM).







Now somethings are NOT going to be easy and at times be VERY STRESSFUL, but understand one thing a True Dream of Owning a Business or two is never EASY and we are NEVER going to lie to YOU ever about the PROS' and CONS' of doing this, but every step YOU decide to take we will always be there with YOU and we will HOLD YOUR HAND. As we stated having the PROPER FORM OF CREDIT IS A MOST HAVE, TO BE SUCCESSFUL and that is were we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) comes into the frame work of TRUE SUCCESS and/or TRUE FAILURE, either way we GOT YOU from A to Z and BEYOND, this services is 100% FREE, its part of the Service Plan...many will claim they got YOU but YOU may ask them at what fees/costs, if any and we stated that such is part of the package YOU get from us and we DO NOT HAVE ANY EXTRA FEES, NOR COSTS, PERIOD. Just know were ever YOU decide to go and use, and its NOT us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) the doors are always OPEN and we are always ready to assist/help YOU when YOU NEED Us.




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