The Other side of the Truth about The COVID-19 Pandemic and More!?. (SHORT STORY)

The Other side of the Truth about The COVID-19 Pandemic and More!?. (SHORT STORY)

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Its now  5:40 am (MST) in the hard morning I couldn't sleep the REASONS are very E-Z, its because I just got over being very SICK, almost death came upon me, but it didn't, but it was His will - NOT Mine, I was hoping it was just me, but I am N-O, no fool - its true I cannot see Him or His Angels, but its called faith an I have a lot of it...N-O, no it's "NOT" the proper place for neither I as CEO of Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) feel that it okay to actual see this SIDE of the person...I now understand the HURT I feel in my everyday pains when I hear a story of someone "NOT" wanting to get the vaccine, some claim its "NOT" 100% SAFE, that in my OPINION is OUTRIGHT BULLSH*T, since I been vaccinated and got my BOOSTER SHOT, and because of that I LIVED, those that would hate me please feel FREE to just do that, but I lived, and for that I listen to the CDC and beyond, and to be SAFE, I would do it all over again, that I know.

Sometimes I cry or I try to fall asleep, and I cannot, so I just DAY DREAM " ABOUT ME AND LIFE, IN GENERAL" and  some days are just EASY, while others are very hard and painful, but I endure them, as the song states, I RAISE, I do this everyday, I think of the Handicap VETS who has to endure this EVERYDAY day and again here comes the water fall of me crying and saying they are really the TRUE HERO'S, I hope I can be like them some is those TRUE HERO'S that I now understand went through HELL for me and my FREEDOM, and for that I can say NO LESS or MORE - THANK YOU, FOR YOUR SERVICE.

N-O, no this is NOT a business feel good STORY, it just something I just had to EXPRESS, and my heart is mine, so I cannot apology for how I feel and Him being Him, believe in Him or NOT, that is cool on YOUR part, but on my part I believe in Him, so again many are going to hate me, as well as JUDGE ME and to be HONEST, that is COOL, I feel I don't need this but really I had to do what I did and it's my life and in it I will DO THIS and STAND by my decision GOOD OR BAD, I WILL STAND BY IT, ONLY HE CAN TRULY JUDGE ME, SO, I DO THIS FOR ME.

It is still too hard to tell my whole long AS* STORY, it makes me cry, and I cannot deal with that RIGHT NOW...but its coming I think, NO PROMISES!

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