The Start Up Funding and Other People's Credit (OPC)

The Start Up Funding and Other People's Credit (OPC)

S&S Funding Company (TM)

Everyone in businesses is familiar with the adage "Other People's Money" (OPM) and the idea of leveraging investment by using MONEY other than YOUR own. Such as in Factors, and those that employ the POWER of factoring and more, take this concept one step further and also employ "Other People's Credit" or OPC.







When a business owner applies to a Bank, et al for a loan, the Bank, et al "NOT" only has to approve the size of the loan against collateral but will also analyze the credit of the business owner. In other words, they will analyze the borrower's ability to REPAY THE LOAN. If the OWNER has only been in business a SHORT TIME without sufficient time to build a CREDIT HISTORY, this can be problematic and usually result in a TURN DOWN.







Factoring are different. In fact, dramatically different. Because factors are REPAID for their advances of CASH BY CUSTOMERS of a business and not the business itself, a factor will judge the viability of the factoring arrangement by the credit of the customers (OPC) or those the business sells products and services to, and not the CREDIT (OR LACK THEREOF) of the business itself and its owners.






 At this time FACTORING has funding in the amount of at least $USD 5.595 Trillion, and is 100% SAFE, as well as SECURE...but YOU will first NEED to get with a company like S&S Funding Company (TM) who has an EXPERT FEEL for this type of FUNDING, but again there are other companies who are doing somewhat the same thing, but "NOT" for the LGBTQ+ as well as Minority LGBTQ+ Communities and their Allies.





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