The Ups and Downs of Financial Equity no matter where it comes from and/or who is doing it?

The Ups and Downs of Financial Equity no matter where it comes from and/or who is doing it?

Now the above sign is a very odd one but honestly it got YOUR its working we we at S&S Funding Company (TM) are FULLY Aware to the simple FACTS concerning Us and the Traditionally Financial Field must concerning is that a more Traditional type of Financial company is more like a Bank(s), Credit Union(s) and/or Mortgage Company(ies) and some are great at what they do, but some do fall within the GAP of actually "NOT" assisting/helping those of Color, Sexuality and Women of any color and we are sure they have their reason(s) for this GAP, but honestly...its TIME for a NU/NEW rule and that is - US @ S&S FUNDING COMPANY (TM) now for 39 Plus years we have played in the Background of the industry when it came to financing those who lack the Financial Backing required to a GREAT and PROFITABLE, as well as SUCCESSFUL first all we did was Factoring and it worked for Us @ S&S FUNDING COMPANY (TM), but today we have been more and more involved within our community(ies) of both Minority(ies) of all and any type(s) and kind(s), as well as the Gay, Lesbian, Trans, and Bi Community(ies)...and it wasn't an Easy Road to take the resistant of doing BUSINESS of any kind with a company that was a GMO (Gay Minority Owned and Operated Business) and a NON-BANKING financial company, but what stood out for me was mostly the fact of the color of my SKIN, I hate to say it, but it was so TRUE over 39 Plus Years ago and still the same today, in some cases...many will READ this and be very interested, but honestly we feel about about 52.543% will decide that they are more comfortable with doing business the Ol' fashion way of going to their OLD TRADITIONAL BANK(S), et al and honestly that is OK, but us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) have seen and heard many of horror stories of Clients being told a simple N-O, no, and even a hard N-O, no, but either way such is a "NO" and most business owners, if given an HONEST push can and will achieve GREAT and wonderful things, if they had the RIGHT Financial Backing, and most of the time a Traditional Financial Type Company would BOW-OUT, while about 98.9% of the Time as an Alternative Financial Company we would say "YES!" to the funding/loan(s).

N-O, no again we are "NOT" any type or kind of Bank(s), Credit Union(s) and/or Mortgage Company(ies)...we operate a very OPEN and HONEST business of alternative commercial financing, but if at anytime a{ny} real entrepreneur(s) goes ONLINE and is/are very serious and show interest in what it is that we do - we at S&S Funding Company (TM) and its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will do everything within our powers to get them the Funding and/or Loans they are in need of, up to $USD 39 billion, sometimes more within and without our communities within the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico (FACTORING ONLY) since we have been at this for well over 39 Plus Years, we have a few company Rules and Policies we require any and all businesses, as well as clients to adhere to period, understand you are "FREE" to again BOW-OUT of anything YOU DON'T AGREE WITH PRIOR to receiving any type or kind of funding/loans and/or any type of services/products from us @ S&S Funding Company (TM), et al.

Also, many either are told and/or think that they will be charged an or any type of UPFRONT FEES/COST that part is "NOT" who and how we do business, PERIOD and WE DON'T REQUIRE ANY SUCH FEES/COST UPFRONT...understand a Cost/Fees will come, but if only such is due after we have completed any and all OUR business in getting YOU what YOU hired us to achieve what YOU required of us and 89% of the time we GET a FULL APPROVAL RATING for YOU...and ONLY at that time is a[n] UPFRONT FEES/COSTS is/are added to YOUR BILL of what is DUE to us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) and NEVER before hand, period...SO, STOP LISTEN TO THE RUMERS OF THE LIES AND THE FAKE AS* TRUTHS - DON'T YOU KNOW FAKE IS WHAT FAKES ABOUT, ITS LIKE BEING MISERABLE AND WE KNOW WHAT OTHER MISERABLE PEOPLE ARE LIKE, THEY LOVE THEIR COMPANY - DON'T BE THAT COMPANY, PERIOD - WE ARE HERE WHEN YOU NEED US.

Now as a FULL SERVICES type of Alternative Financial Company that is 100% GMO we try to steer our clients to numerous Minority Owned Bank(s), et al (the below is a partial list of minority banks and non minorities banks that are 100% minority and queer friendly...and is worth checking out, period):

  • OneUnited Bank -  this bank is 100% Minority Owned and is in our opinion a great bank to look into and OPEN a small checking and/or savings account(s) for either YOURSELF and/or YOUR NU/NEW Business(es) contact them concerning any matters of opening any type of account(s).

  • City First Bank - again this Bank is 100% Minority Owned Bank and after very close reviews this bank outside of the State of Colorado is a very good and Trust worthy bank...and YES, it is a full service and time minority bank, its also a great bank for its Women Clients who are of any and all colors, the LGBTQ Communities and the list goes on, try them out for a great run, if YOU like what they are about " Honey its NOT Broken...Stay with them, period, bigger is NOT always Better, like must banks, et al will make YOU think they are when they are NOT."

  • Greenwood Bank - As we stated in prior mention this is of YOUR own FREE WELL, but from what we have seen and heard Greenwood Bank is a bank worth looking into as a place to lay YOUR hat in the Ring of places to do business...this bank kinda reminds me of a HOMETOWN type of bank were YOUR mom and dad would bank at we at S&S Funding Company (TM) honestly like this bank and what they had to say and would direct clients there way in a please CHECK them out for YOURSELF and see if what we claim is all that and more.

Now the following banks are within the State of Colorado and are NOT minority owned, but are on OUR list as bank(s) worth looking into, since they are very OPEN and FRIENDLY to Women clients of all colors, Minority(ies) and Queer clients...and they are very OPEN and HONEST when concerning theses type of CLIENTS, while they did not offer any type of BS we ENJOYED the following said bank, they are listed below:


  • Commerce Bank - this bank is NOT Minority owned but does have an OPEN and HONEST insight to the Women, Minority and Queer communities and they understand that claiming YOU have a few clients like them, is just NOT enough YOU must have an external knowledge, as well as relationship of YOUR particular clients.


Now we at S&S Funding Company (TM) understand if YOU are reading this Article YOU are at the RIGHT Website, but we are NOT sure YOU have the correct EMAIL ADDRESS for S&S Funding Company(TM), if NOT here it is FOR YOUR RECORDS, please TAKE IT DOWN, just in case YOU need it: - such is monitored 24/7/365

so any information that is within this article/BLOG is accurate as of this date of 9/17/22, but just incase go to when concerning any information of the Accurate information on any and all bank(s), et al be them minority or not...and and all parties, persons, as well as business(es) should have the most accurate and correct information, even if we cannot give it to YOU at the time YOU require it, 100% of the time Google (R) or DUCKDUCKGO (R) will have the most up to date information, YES even we use them sometimes as well as other sources, that we will hold on to for now.

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