The Very Short Way To Start Savings During COVID-19 and Inflation In Four (4) E-Z Steps, Starting Now!?.

The Very Short Way To Start Savings During COVID-19 and Inflation In Four (4) E-Z Steps, Starting Now!?.

W  E  L  C  O  M  E    to the rest of YOUR life and BABE we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) promise it's REALLY "NOT" that E-Z, but if YOU let it and stick with it, such can be real F-U-N, fun, so, please RELAX and GET YOURSELF A TALL GLASS OF WINE OR A BOTTLE OF SOME COLD AS* BEER (THE GOOD KIND).

At N-O, no time is this any type of ENDORSEMENT for any COMPANY(IES) or BUSINESS(ES) so mentioned in this Article, they are mentioned to PROVIDE YOU A JUMPING POINT, now they are worth looking into, for they do PERFORM in the BEST INTEREST OF THEIR CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS, be them account holders or not...again they are worth the LOOK.




S     T     E     P          O     N     E

Now we are hoping to SAVE YOU some money, first and FARMOST lets look at the BILL(S) some are one, and others are many...but before YOU spend any or all the MONEY, work with YOUR BILL COLLECTORS, that are within a REASON(S), the most importance to Us is a Heating bill, if YOU are having issue paying said BILL please check with the LEAP(R) PROGRAM they maybe able to assist/help YOU and YOURS, such is OWNED AND OPERATED by the State and Federal Government - SO THEY ARE 100% SAFE, before YOU get into a mess work with them they WILL WORK with YOU and YOURS when concerning the LEAP(R) PROGRAM, et al.

The will NEVER JUDGE YOU, period, they will TRY to assist/help YOU and YOURS, so please contact them Monday - Friday, they are closed during any and all Major Holidays and Weekends, but they are OPEN during normal business hours.

The second most important bill is YOUR Land land or Cell Phone, so, if its NOT to BIG, pay what YOU can and/or contact their Customer Service Rep. and he or she will work with YOU on some form of PAYMENT PLAN that will fit YOUR budget, it would be in YOUR BEST INTEREST to contact them before its way too late.





This Is "NOT" the first time YOU heard this, and at some point in YOUR life it COST YOU something, this is "NOT" one of those times, this is 100% FREE and if it cost YOU anything it going to be YOUR time, if YOU decide to do it, period. Those of YOU, feel that during the COVID-19/PANDEMIC has NOT been fair, nor COOL with anyone, and Honey, Color, nor Sexuality is, nor was it ever a FACTOR nor does it CARE about YOUR FINANCIAL STATUS - it was this HOUSE GUEST who became a B*TCH who just would "NOT" LEAVE and she/he made YOUR LIFE HELL and at times YOUR Mental Health went right out the WINDOW, thank G-d for a site called, their are others, but I hear this one is 100% FREE, personally, I NEVER been to it, if 100% TRUE its worth it and MORE.











Okay, back to the simple fact that S&S Funding Company (TM) is trying to have YOU SAVE Money during these HARD TIMES...understand the function is based on those that are in the MIND SET of the LGBTQ+ and MINORITY LGBTQ+ AND THEIR NUMEROUS ALLIES, others may USE this but "NO" REAL GUARANTEEING YOU IT WILL WORK FOR YOU...SORRY, BUT 100% TRUE and the PROGRAM CANNOT BE ADJUSTED, PERIOD. But YOU are FREE to TRY!


Now, if YOUR Bring HOME pay is a mere lets say is a $USD 2,995.00 (this is calculated prior to any state or federal taxes have been removed by YOUR employer, we will assume that he/she did his/her job and paid said state/federal taxes) noted in this Article pay any and all BILLS, as YOU are required to pay and what YOU can reasonable afford to pay, it is very logical to pay what YOU can again afford, now if YOU are smart take about 21.154% of YOUR paycheck and place that MONEY within YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT and YOU must NEVER TOUCH that MONEY for well over six (6) months or long. For this to WORK YOU will need to STOP YOUR IMPULSE PURCHASE, such as Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry, et al...SAVINGS COME FIRST, IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF AND THOSE WHO YOU LOVE AS WELL -- S     T     O     P,   here for STEP TWO (2), its coming!.










But, before We go RESEARCH long and HARD for a Bank(s) and/or Credit Union(s) make sure that they are INSURED by either the Federal Government or State Banking Commission  and YOU and YOURS TRUST them with YOUR MONEY, period ( this is YOUR LIFE SAVINGS, so, TRUST YOURSELF and Us to HELP YOU DO THE RIGHT THING - AND NO IT COST YOU NOTHING FOR THIS ASSISTANT/HELP), unless YOU already have one in mind, if SO PLEASE STAY TOON for the NEXT      S     T     E     P     T     W     O     (2).

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