The Wisdom of Owning and Operating a Business, while facing the pit falls, and more.

The Wisdom of Owning and Operating a Business, while facing the pit falls, and more.

This Article it will SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE, but it just also, might help YOU in the long RUN.

Now having the Entrepreneurship bug is Cool but sometimes it come with Hidden Demons that at times can cause deep loneliness, as well as depression, stress and a root of FAILURE to YOURSELF, as well as YOUR Family and Friends, but to be somewhat HONEST most of them UNDERSTAND YOUR PAINS, so they DON'T speak bad of YOU and/or YOUR Failures, if anything, they understand YOU are trying to do whatever to make a very good life for YOU and those YOU Love.







S  T  O  P!  Right Now, when YOU Double Question YOURSELF YOU place doubt in YOU and the things YOU can and will do, and such reflex when YOU are seeking Traditional Financing from YOUR Bank(s), Credit Union(s), et al now most, if not all commercial Banks et al look at the business as two things One Being is it Profitable? and DO YOU the individual have the Credit, as well as collateral, for the Funding/Loans YOU are requiring, if "NO" to both QUESTIONS YOU will HEAR a HARD N-O, no from the bank officer, YOU are a Medium to LARGE RISK FACTOR to the BANK, et al and that is UNDERSTANDABLE since all banks are in it to WIN IT









We at S&S Funding Company (TM) have another view point on this issue, without the headaches or stress, WE WILL SAY - YES!, 98.9% of the TIME, even if YOU have only been in business for less than 18 Months, we will take on some clients with a more recent BANKRUPTCY, as long as such has been DISCHARGED BY THE COURT. Now we are NOT YOUR Traditional Financial Company, like a Bank(s), Credit Union(s), Mortgage Company(ies), et al, nor are we some type or form of a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, those things are "NOT" us, period, we are the OTHER GUYS/GIRLS who deal in the Alternative Financial Market, YES!, FACTORING, as well as Business Equipment Loans, LBO's, MBO's, MCA's, Real Estate Project Funding/Loans up to $USD 39.543 billion or if YOU are just looking for a FACTORING type of situation we can do that too, but lets say YOU are in need of a BUSINESS LOAN(S), we also can do that.




Now as unique as we are as a GMO, which stand for Gay Minority Owned and Operated Company, and we have been in this type of business for well over 39 Plus Years, and we are very good at what we do, but to the climate most see the words "GAY" as well as "MINORITY" and that scares them to high heaven and back, so they avoid us like the plague - which is truly understandable, since, look we are not professional we just want to get a DATE, that part is just a JOKE, but Homophobic and Racist people fall for it each and every time, but if they feel that a MORE TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY can assist/help them they should GO for it, but if not, GOOD LUCK on their endeavors of FINANCIAL FREEDOM - what do we know about FREEDOM and/or PRIDE we are just QUEERS, who just happen to be Minority(ies), too. Again, GOOD LUCK.









But always know YOU are never alone, if at anytime YOU feel YOU need someone to talk to there is a NU/NEW Emergency Mental Health Line Number, it is 9 -  8  - 8, and they are OPEN 24/7/365, and they are there for YOU in GOOD TIMES, as well as BAD TIMES, NO MATTER THEY ARE THERE...AND THEY NEVER JUDGE, AND THEY CARELESS OF YOUR SEXUALITY OR YOUR COLOR OF SKIN, MENTAL HEALTH IS EVERYONE PROBLEM THAT WE CAN FIX ONE PERSON AT A TIME, SO CALL THEM WHENEVER YOU FEEL THE NEED.

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