This is Business and the FEDS just Raised Interest Rates Again - WHAT'S NEXT!

This is Business and the FEDS just Raised Interest Rates Again - WHAT'S NEXT!

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S&S Funding Company (TM)

Now there is a Silver Lining in this NEWS of Finances and Money Matters The S&S Funding Co Way (SM).

As the days are long and the Heat is killin' YOU and YOUR Profit Margins, the FEDS in the D.O.T raised the amount of Interest, in a way that is GOOD NEWS TO YOU THE PERSON, but it might be bad news for YOU, THE BUSINESS OWNER, we think...but if YOU work the situation right it just might work for YOU in the LONG RUN, YES! Barrowing Money is now more EXPENSIVE, but STOP! Lookin' at that Interest Rate Hike, as we said if done right it could be in YOUR Favor, but it's "NOT" an easy Task to say the lest. BUT it can be done within reason(s).





Most will say "I am unable to survive this Hit, that is True in Part, but it is also NOT TRUE" while others will just FOLD AND QUIT, but NOT YOU and we at S&S Funding Company (TM) have done such in a very UNIQUE Manner, and it is 100% LEGAL AND LEGITIMATE, as well, but with the High Cost of EVERYTHING it wasn't E-Z to say the lest...some will say it going to have some form of HIDDEN FEES/COSTS, that is 100% FALSE to be quite Honest We are in BUSINESS to make a PROFIT, and its NOT OFF YOUR PAINS AND/OR MISERY, its off of us doing a J-O-B, job for YOU at a NORMAL FEES/COST ONLY WHEN THE JOB IS COMPLETE - SO, THERE IS "NO" UPFRONT FEES/COSTS - PERIOD.



As a GMO its "NOT" going to be EASY, , but we will get to WORK ON IT when we have the Clients interested in this SERVICE...NOW most ask the question? Are we a Bank or Credit Union and that is a very SIMPLE QUESTION to that answer...NO - WE ARE NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL BANK OR CREDIT UNION, NOR ARE WE A MORTGAGE COMPANY (IES) OR PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, we are a Legal and Legitimate alternative to YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS., if YOU would rather work within a Traditional Bank/Credit Union, et al please that is YOUR is our to TURN AWAY those who have just got the run around - understand we are "NOT" a clean up crew, period, we ONLY accept those who are SERIOUS about their CURRENT SITUATION @ Hand.




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