This "NOT" a Shell Game, It's A Game Called "LETS SHOP AND SAVE"...and Maybe S&S Funding Company have some of the Answer 4 - U, et al

This "NOT" a Shell Game, It's A Game Called "LETS SHOP AND SAVE"...and Maybe S&S Funding Company have some of the Answer 4 - U, et al

S&S Funding Company (TM)



The Economy and Saving on YOUR Food, et al



The above picture of FOOD LOOKS GOOD, but sometimes most family members feel this type of FOOD in these times are NOT WITHIN THEIR BUDGET, but LOW N' BEHOLD, IT IS AND WE ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU A 100% FREE SHOWDOWN OF WHAT YOU CAN DO AND SAVE DURING THESE HARD TIMES.

Now the first thing YOU will need to do is MAKE SURE that YOU Plan out what YOU will and will "NOT" purchase - also DON'T take YOUR kids with YOU unless YOU don't care about SAVING or EATING, because if it was up to them they would have YOU eating sweets and junk food every, that is the sole reason We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) say leave the kid(s) at home - WHILE YOU SHOP FOR THE FAMILY.

The second thing is getting YOUR spending budget in line with what YOU will spend MONEY ON and what YOU will "NOT" spend money on...the BEST formula is that the MONEY FACTOR should be no lower than $USD 100.00 and the STORE(S) within YOUR area(s) should be familiar to YOU, as well as YOU know the ITEM(S) YOU want and desire for YOUR family member(s) during these times of Inflation and the Economy We say stay away from OVERPRICED MEATS, yet some meat(s) are PRICED very low and at a very good discount and always know if its more of a LUXURY BUY ITEM - SKIP IT and go for the ITEMS that are WANTED AND NEEDED if YOU can buy in BULK do so, but again make sure it is at a saving and YOU don't go over YOUR spending budget for that MONTH.

If YOU have anything left over put that into YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT YOUR LOCAL BANK try not to spend that money if YOU can HELP IT...we understand that SMALL KIDS are NOT going to understand WHY MOMMY OR DADDY didn't get them their Sweets or Junk Food and trying to explain the ins and outs of the Economy and/or Inflation, honestly let that part go that is a losing battle - trust us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) of Us have SMALL KIDS and We KNOW THESE things!.







Look the HARD truth is that "NOT" every store is a GOOD SAVING SPOT, every store in the Nation has its Ups, as well as Downs, but if YOU follow the S&S Funding Company (TM) Savings Plan YOU just might come out ahead of the FOOD SAVINGS GAME, and YES, Coupons are a great way to save, but even COUPONS have their LIMITS and they sometime will save YOU Money and sometimes the will cost YOU more than YOU would have saved in the long make sure it the PERFECT COUPON for YOU and YOUR Family Members, if "NOT" move on...but if YOU are looking for Us to Knockdown COUPONS - that is NEVER GOING to happen because we LOVE COUPONS, they SAVED US DURING VERY HARD TIMES, and they are doing it NOW, so We can't HATE ON THEM, PERIOD.





The one thing 99.9% of all Americans CAN NOT STAND is when someone claims something is FREE, and it's really "NOT" FREE, this is WAY Different it "NOT" only FREE, it is 100% FREE in other words we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) will NEVER send YOU an INVOICE or BILL, nor do we charge YOU shipping and handling fees of any kind...when we say 100% FREE it is 100% FREE...and this is 100% FREE, but that is to YOU Clients or non-Clients, anyone who READS this is in like FINN.







Understand that "NOT" every time YOU SHOP YOU will find good, or even Great SAVINGS, so understand we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) can steer YOU in the RIGHT DIRECTION(S), but the way the PRICES GO UP, and very few times they go DOWN but when they do JUMP on them, even if its MEAT ( remember even when YOU don't need the meat, YOU can take it out of its PACKAGE AND CLEAN IT with YOUR CLEAN HANDS and STORE IT IN YOUR FREEZER for at least three (3) months up to six (6) months from the date of the Original Purchase).


But always follow the Store instructions, as well as any USDA instructions that are also included on the Meat Package and always remember SHOPPING IS "NOT" A GAME, YET IT CAN BE FUN, IN NATURE, BUT ITS VERY SERIOUS AND REAL, BUT NO MATTER YOU ARE STRONG AND YOU WILL MAKE IT AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS WILL SURVIVE.





STOP! The PRESSES - Not trying to endorse anyone shopping Place but We went to  SAFEWAY(R)/ALBERTSONS(R), KING SOOPERS(R), and WALMART(R) now each store has its own SAVINGS, but we loved overall KING SOOPERS(R) they had the BEST O' THE BEST hands down when it came to MEATS ONLY IN PUEBLO, CO only, check YOUR store(s) in YOUR AREA(S) for any DEALS, et al...DON'T EVERY SHOP BLINDLY, PERIOD, but on NON-MEAT Products in Pueblo, CO  Only SORRY WE ARE FROM THEIR, that is OUR AREA, but as always CHECK YOUR LOCAL AREA for good to great SAVINGS, period...Safeway(R)/Albertsons(R) had them beat, but as well as Walmart(R), but really YOU have to search real hard at WALMART(R) to find the right great deals and their sign(s) can mislead YOU, so don't fall for the BULLSHIT of a smile N' face, that is just a SLOGAN, nothing MORE.

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