Urgent NEWS Update - Concerning the Payment of a Invoice/Bill or forwarding an EMAIL, etc.

Urgent NEWS Update - Concerning the Payment of a Invoice/Bill or forwarding an EMAIL, etc.


those Clients that were sent an E-Bill or E-Invoice, YOU first must enter the number 0282302652850473 for the said payment and/or GO TO www.Bill.com and give them that number and they can make sure such is paid and done correctly, understand they are the Third-Party Billing Service we use and 100% TRUST and YOUR information is SECURED AND SAFE with them @ all times...also it is NEVER Shared, nor sold, period.

Understand that when YOU enter the said Number 0282302652850473 and the required information YOUR Bill/Invoice is paid in REAL TIME and we at S&S Funding Company (TM) actually Guarantee that said payment is 100% Safe and Secure and that we will get the same within 12 hours of PAYMENT from Bill.com directly concerning YOU and said BILL/INVOICE, when YOU pay it on the actual DUE DATE and TIME, such is "NOT" Guaranteed after the Due Date and Time, but understand we DO NOT Charge any type of LATE FEES/COSTS after the due date and time that is within the first twenty (20) days, after that there is a LATE FEE/COST Charge of only $USD 10.00/per five (5) days.

Also the Correct EMAIL ADDRESS is www.ssfundingcompany88@gmail.com, PLEASE ENSURE YOU WRITE THIS INFORMATION DOWN AND PLACE IT IN A SAFE AND SECURE AREA., now some of YOU are some what confused NO this is not a NU/NEW version to UPFRONT FEES/COSTS to our financial services/products we DO NOT have any type of UPFRONT FEES/COST, PERIOD the E-BILL/E-INVOICE is forwarded to YOUR EMAIL only after YOU have decided to enter into a FORMAL AGREEMENT with us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) and/or YOU have decided to purchase something from one of either the Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and/or its wholly owned div. Money Shoppe Company (SM), other then that YOU are NOT billed, period. Now if at anytime YOU feel that the BILL/INVOICE is in ERROR(S) please EMAIL US of YOUR concerns and we will immediately investigate the URGENT MATTER @ HAND and HOLD-OFF all payments until fully resolved and everyone is satisfied of the situation @ hand and such is corrected, at which YOU are okay with paying said bill/invoice.

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