We Are Here When YOU Need Us The Most When Times Are HARD.

We Are Here When YOU Need Us The Most When Times Are HARD.

Now every time YOU seem to TURN AROUND life hands YOU either and/or both the Economy or Inflation Bug(s) and YOU get Stressed Out and/or Depressed...but fear "NOT" we might have a SOLUTION to the Financial Problem...and maybe its "NOT" a fix all, but it is a(n) temporary PATCH that is to HOLD YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES over for at least six (6) months, sometimes longer with the right TOOLS in place.

As some BUSINESS PEOPLE are fully aware of the current situation at hand with most, if not all Traditional Financial Companies, like YOUR local Bank(s), etc...now we are "NOT" trying to replace YOUR actual LOCAL/INTERNATIONAL BANK(S), etc. we are just trying to inform YOUR that we of an Alternative to YOUR CURRENT Situation @ Hand, but if YOU are OKAY with going through BANKRUPCY, than this MASSAGE IS NOT FOR YOU, PERIOD , as we stated we are "NOT" a Bank, nor are we a Credit Union, etc. we are the other guys/girls - understand we follow the same RULES, REGULATIONS and POLICIES as the Traditional Financial Companies, like YOUR bank(s), etc., just we are on a very different level of Financing, but very LEGITIMATE - we ONLY handle financial business within the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico.





Now those that are very serious about the need for assistance and help we GOT YOU, PERIOD go to the parent company website @ www.bestbuyfinancialservicesco.us and leave us YOUR VALID EMAIL ADDRESS and how we can assist and help YOU and when is the HELP and/or assistance need or a URGENT DEADLINE DATE and upon approval and we have a very good track record of getting 98.9% of applicants APPROVED, now we do require that prior to any type of FUNDING/LOANS from us Directly and/or Indirectly that YOU sign a Patriot Act Agreement which will be placed in YOUR active file with us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) - understand that we operate on a Bad, Good as well as a NO CREDIT, NO PROBLEM, since we are NOT a BANK, etc. we also work with some who have went through recent BANKRUPCIES, that have been completed within the COURTS SYSTEMS, and been in business for less than two (2) years.





Again, we are always trying to find ways to improve everything we do and more for those we call CLIENT(S).

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