What Does Apple(R) and DELL(R) have in common with the Alternative Financial Marketing Funding/Loans?

What Does Apple(R) and DELL(R) have in common with the Alternative Financial Marketing Funding/Loans?

Now the magic within the Alternative Commercial Financial Marketing and the two companies, both Apple (R) and DELL (R) are both unique and part of  the way of some within the LGBTQ+/Minority Communities...now we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) have decided that all in all these two (2) GAINT O' COMPANIES have a very Special Part within the communities of who some of us are...these two businesses are the same, but are very different in who and what they represent...in our world and the way we see life and who we are and in business, in part, as well as in whole...most people in life find two (2) things, that is a must have is MONEY as well as in paying TAXES, but having the proper funding is a MUST HAVE, but in most cases that is sometimes "NOT" in the cards, sometimes their CREDITS is NOT UP TOO PAR...but they try the more traditional type of financing, such as their bank(s), credit union(s) and/or mortgage companies only to be turned away and told "NO!"...when its our sole job to at least look at the PROJECT and 99.9% of the time, give YOU a "YES!" to the Funding/Loans, even with a DARK or VERY DARK FINANCIAL PAST OR BANKRUPCTY(IES)*.

Now back to what we are saying concerning both Apple (R), as well as DELL (R), now we are like the HGTV (R) in the Alternative Financial Market WORLD, we may not do HOMES, but we do, Alternative Commercial Finance within and without the LGBTQ+/Minority Community(ies) from as low as $USD 75,000.00, up to $USD 50 billion +, understand that the proper function of any true business(es) is to have the proper FINANCES in place...and its not easy, but having someone or thing believe in YOU and YOUR VISION for YOUR Future is a MUST HAVE, and that is who we are @ S&S Funding Company (TM), now lets say YOU are in need of FUNDING and/or LOANS for YOU TO STAY COMPETITIVE IN THE BUSINESS WORLD, YOU ARE IN., maybe we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) can HELP, and "NO" we don't have any UPFRONT FEES/COSTS and we have been at this for well over 39 Plus Years, SO WE ARE NOT NU/NEW TO THIS, WE ARE VERY TRUE TO THIS, PERIOD.

Now we are "NOT" endorsing neither Apple (R), nor DELL (R) its that they are just an HONEST and REAL part of who I(we) is/are (and) have become and it was these two (2) companies that I always looked up to that was NOT like me or them, a person of color and 100% Queer, but that was NEVER the case, Apple (R) had Steve Jobs, and I loved him for his insight and visions, as well as M. Dell, GO FIGURE he is from TX, but something about him caught my attention and I have stayed with it and both Apple (R) and DELL (R)...its NOW my sole JOB is to help YOU and YOURS venture forth and find YOU the funding/loans YOU will need to VENTURE BEYOND and be a TRUE 100% BUSINESS PERSON(S) YOU are NEVER TOO Old to see YOUR FUTURE @ WORK, let us HELP YOU GET THERE.

It is 100% TRUE that most Business People fail within the first five (5) years doing business, and MOST of that steam around, something called FUNDING/LOANS and "NOT" having any real access to it, and the Traditional Financial Market, like YOUR bank telling YOU a HARD "N-O, no!", even, when YOU have the MEANS, but they just DON'T have any REAL Faith in YOU, nor YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR WHATEVER YOU PLAN CONCERNING YOUR BUSINESS(ES) OR HOME BUSINESS(ES), but we have walked that walk many of times and 89.9% of us have heard that ugly word "NO!" form the Traditional, as well as NON TRADIONAL FINANCIAL MARKET PLACES, such as YOUR BANK(S), et al, that is NOT how we ROLL, period...it is very HARD for us to say "NO!", and its EZ'er to just say "YES!" to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS PLAN, again its not any EZ'er to work with a financial company that is only ONLINE, but if we have been doing what we do BEST for well over 39 Plus Years STOP Sweating the SMALL STUFF, we got this - NO! WE ARE NOT A BANK OR PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, NOR ARE WE A MORTGAGE COMPANY, to be 100% Honest we are just BETTER and as we so stated in this article WE DON'T HAVE ANY UPFRONT FEES/COSTS, PERIOD, but if YOU feel more comfortable with doing BUSINESS LIKE YOUR DAD AND MOM DID THINGS, PLEASE GO FOR IT...WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU, ARE DOORS ARE AWAYS OPEN TO YOU, AS WELL AS OTHERS WHO NEED OUR ASSISTANT/HELP, PERIOD.


Now, this article ask those who READ this a VERY SIMPLE QUESTION - "What Does Apple(R) and DELL(R) have in common with the Alternative Financial Marketing...?" And those that think really HARD would be able to answer the QUESTION, HANDS DOWN? but there are times in most people life where such a simple question is HARD TO ANSWER at any point in time, but that doesn't mean that at N-O, no time can it ever be ANSWERED, with those on YOUR TEAM and the RIGHT TYPE OF FUNDING such serious question can be ANSWERED, hands down with the assistant/help of S&S Funding Company (TM) it is our sole job to ensure that YOU get any and all the proper funding/loans YOU seek be it from us and/or any real Traditional Financial Company, like YOUR bank(s), et al (Since that is NOT a part of us - all we can do at this point in time is WISH YOU GOOD LUCK, AND STEP TO THE SIDE LINE and cross our fingers with an HONEST SMILE) but if YOU decide to use us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) we will do everything in our POWER to ENSURE YOU get everything concerning YOU and YOUR COMPANY(IES)/BUSINESS(ES)/HOME BUSINESS(ES), and its NOT going to cost YOU anything UPFRONT, if it going to cost YOU YOUR Honesty and TIME and the REST is E-Z AS PIE.






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