What Is Faith...and DO U Have It!?.

What Is Faith...and DO U Have It!?.

W     E     L     C     O     M     E

T     O

S & S Funding Company (TM)

This Day is a Day...NOT to sell U - R Even Look For YOUR Business Its JUST A Simple - H    E    L    L    O, Hello   and   S    M    I    L    E, Smile

YES, S&S Funding Company (TM) just wish to SAY HELLO and 2 Be HAPPY and SMILE We understand if U Don't TRUST Us or the Message, but it's 100% TRUE, just for this TIME FRAME Of 5:30 am (MST) just know that NOT everything is about Profits and Power or Money, for that matter...its just ABOUT YOU and YOURS right now...SO, STOP THE MADNESS AND RELAX AND ENJOY THE FACT THAT IN THIS LIFE RIGHT NOW IT'S ABOUT YOU AND YOURS, AND NOTHING MORE.






This is Faith...to actually know that SOMEONE cares and LOVE YOU for YOU and nothing more...before We decide it's about money, profits or power We @ S & S Funding Company (TM) see that we have lost the WAR and BATTLE, so understand in this Pandemic we need each other in the GOOD TIMES, as well as the BAD TIMES, but whatever we @ S &S Funding Company (TM) will make it as well YOU and YOURS, YES TIMES are very HARD and YOU get STRESSED OUT, but remember YOU are very STRONG and without YOU the Family and the WORLD would be without a TRUE 100% HERO, Father or Mother or Tran, so before YOU go just know that YOU ARE LOVE and YOU must first HELP YOURSELF, before YOU CAN ASSIST/HELP OTHERS, but Remember YOU are LOVED and LIKE, YOU are a HERO for REAL.

 Faith is MORE than the below of RELAXING, its about believing in something more than YOURSELF, NO NOT a Man, but lets say G-d or a higher power, AA focus on the RIGHT THING - WE ARE NOT ALONE, and we NEVER was, even in HARD TIMES and during this time YOU are NOT alone, period...but YOU will need to reach out and ask or seek whatever YOU are looking for and NEVER settle with the FIRST THING YOU SEE OR MEET, TRUST in YOUR GUT, it will NEVER lead YOU down a DARK path, if YOU are of LIGHT...look the Pandemic has been very HARD on a  lot of people...so YOU are not alone so reaching - out is NEVER A SIGN OF WEAKNESS, ITS A SIGN THAT YOU ARE STRONG AND YOU NEED SOMEONE OR THING TO HELP/ASSIST YOU, IN YOUR TIME OF NEED AND MORE!. YES, as noted RELAX, but a pray or two, will always be a GREAT/GOOD THING, too.

RELAX, try the website called CALM(R), go to www.calm.com, this site is the REAL DEAL, just try them and relax for REAL.

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