When they call for Money...How do YOU Answer?

When they call for Money...How do YOU Answer?

Welcome and what we are about to say is hard to hear, but a fact to life as a/an True Minority/LGBTQ+ entrepreneur EVERYDAY YOU see articles, as well as ads claiming that this company and that company is out to HELP YOU when it comes to YOUR Financial Needs, but when YOU actually go into these places the actual tune is very different, and YOU walk out the same way YOU walked in without anything but more BULLSH*T, and over the YEARS we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) have found that out to be 100% TRUE, YES! it is also true that some minority(ies) get startup funding, but that is LESS than 1.3425%, and in some areas the rate is somewhat higher in Nature, now we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) are out the change that 100%, N-O, no we are not YOUR traditional financial company like a Bank and/or Mortgage company, lets be HONEST that didn't work for YOU the last time did it, if it did please continue to work with them, but if not please TRY us on for size, looking into something doesn't mean its going to COST YOU MONEY, we are 100% FREE just check us out, its a process with us and their are NO UPFRONT FEES/COSTS with us if YOU sign on with us after the fact.

Now when most come to us its normally about at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) the American Dream is within reach with our HELP, we do provide the needed Funding/Loans up to $USD 39 Billion and sometimes more to those in need, such as Startup/Venture Capital, Business Leasing, LBO's, MBO's, Factoring, MCA's,  and lots more, it may be 100% TRUE we are NOT any type of BANK, et al but we can do whatever it take to ensure that OUR CLIENT(S) succeed in business and that whatever business he or she decide to venture into that we back them 100%...the only TRUE drawback with most people in search of Money/Financing is that the NEVER look at the other guy/girl when actually deciding the needs for a loan, when they hear and/or see an Alternative Financial Company they only think of simple things such as "FACTORING", but NEVER anything else dealing with Loans, an YES! actually most Alternative Financial Company(ies) did and still do Factoring Financing, but that was way back in the day, but TODAY most go beyond that scoop in Financing - WITHOUT BEING A BANK, et al we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) do just that and we have been at this for well over 39 Plus Years within the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities, and while we are only ONLINE we are the Most Legitimate type of company within what we do, their are a few that are walk-ins that are good, but we will not mention them in this articles. Now in OUR search for many Traditional, as well as Alternative Financial Companies we look for things that concern us within the LGBTQ+/Minority communities and we found that those within those communities are disposition, it is true that some did find actual means of corrections to the issue(s) at hand, and 9 times out of ten (10) they had to go to family members and friends for the money/funding and that is a very good source, but it has its LIMITS, so many LGBTQ+/Minority Business Owners turn to their more Traditional Financial type company(ies) only to be told "NO!" to the funding/loans, that part is "NOT" who and what we are, nor do...we have a very good track record of getting our clients their funding/loans about 98.9% of the time, even if they have bad credit, no credit, even a recent Bankruptcy - WE CAN WORK OUR MAGIC.







Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is "NOT" like most financial companies, yet we are the same, WE ARE CLOSED DURING SAT. and SUN., as well as most major Holidays, that is 100% TRUE with the Office, but we are OPEN 24 Hours a day, days a Week and ALL YEAR AROUND - now the office may be CLOSED during the Weekends and all Major holidays, but the Website and the Email is Always OPEN for business, and most think that since somethings are received on the WEEKEND and/or a MAJOR HOLIDAY(S), that such will be worked on on the NEXT BUSINESS DAY - WRONG, once received by us Website and/or email we start to work on it once we get it no matter if its the weekdays, weekends and/or any major holiday, we got YOUR BACK, so when YOU require the BEST, it us its in OUR NAME SAKE AND WE STAND BY OUR NAME SAKE AND MORE.




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