A Conference and Meeting for those within the Alternative Financial Market and Factoring & More.

The Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and S&S Funding Company (TM) are the Alternative Financial and Factoring Funding People that is very OPEN and dedicated to this type of MARKET, but even within a membership like the International Factoring Assoc. (IFA) they are the most helpful and knowledgeable organization concerning us, but one thing is missing and it anything that looks and understand us, as both minority and openly gay, and yes, the IFA(R) is a great organization to be a part of, but it lacks SOUL and mere words are just words, those that are true to being of COLOR and 100% LGBTQ+, it's "NOT" just a look, a sex or sexuality - it's how they say what they say and know that whatever is said YOU feel a part of whatever, and those that lie or have a look like YOU is "NOT" enough and YOU know it or YOU will hear it or see it, but YOU will know, see or feel it.

If what YOU see and hear will make YOU and YOUR company it would be in YOUR best interest to stay and listen from A to Z, I will be very OPEN and HONEST with YOU, IFA(R) is all that and more, they are not a GMO or Black Owned or Controlled company or organization, but it's like they have these KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, white guys and/or girls, who 99.9% of the times are just like YOU and they at times was and/or were in the same boat as YOU and at times are worth listening to. I am told that sometimes they will be in Boston, Massachusetts, not too sure of the meeting date, but for more information contact them at www.factoring.org, they will be able to assist or even help YOU concerning this and more, and I am told they have prices for both membership, as well as non-membership prices/statuses.

Now, we contacted the organization concerning that Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) has merged with LDS Financial Charter Services Company (TM) on 3/23/2012, and the CALL to IFA(R) was done on 01/30/2021, and when "NO" reply or answer was ever made, the same EMAIL was sent out on 01/31/2022 and to this date "NO" answer, but they could be busy, so we will wait until 2/5/2022, the close of business (MST).

If interested please check them OUT and after the meeting, just tell us your experience with the IFA(R) good or bad @ www.ssfundingcompany.us - they are very good at what they do, promise.