Alternative Financing for the LGBTQ+ and the Minority LGBTQ+ and Their Allies

Now the Alternative Financial Market is "NOT" the Traditional Financial Market, like YOUR Commercial Bank(s) or Credit Union(s)...We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) is a very Unique In Nature when concerning the B2B Alternative Commercial Finance Market for those within the LGBTQ+ and the Minority LGBTQ+ Communities as well as their Allies.





S&S Funding Company (TM) also offer the following types of Loans and the the amounts of the Loan(s) allowed:


  • Working as low as $USD 80,000.00, up to as high as $USD 195 million.

  • Venture Capital Loan(s) low as $USD 85,000.00, as high as $USD 500 million.

  • Acquisition low as $USD 32 Million, as high as the SKY THE LIMIT or $USD 39 billion whichever is less....sometimes More.

  • Bridge Financing..........this is available to those who wish to take their business public within a certain time frame of six (6) months, up to One (1) Year.

  • Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO)..........Now the Client(s) who borrow funds usually secure such funding with the assets of the company.

  • Start-Up low as $USD 100,000.00, but can be as high as $USD 550 million.

  • Equipment Loan(s) low as $USD 35,500.00, as high as $USD 900 million, sometimes higher.

  • And More Financing is available...just remember WE ARE "NOT" A Traditional Finance Company, such as YOUR Local or National/International Bank(s) or Credit Union(s), et al.

    Now the above Funding is also available to Non-LGBTQ+, et al Businessperson(s) NU/NEW Clients ONLY...but such is on a very limited basis, if interested the SAME Policy(ies) so, apply(ing) MUST be adhere to and/or contacting us shall ONLY be by EMAIL (at which is Only posted on this website, as well as Money Shoppe Co (SM) website, which is



     Understand that 98.5% of all the above Loan(s) are available in the Entire USA, as well as Canada...but "NO" Funding so listed above is available in Mexico...other than Factoring and MCA's type Funding in part and whole, but if YOU are Unsure, please feel free to EMAIL Us at the proper EMAIL ADDRESSES so listed in Our numerous WEBSITES of both S&S FUNDING COMPANY (TM) and Money Shoppe Company (SM)