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This program is very NU/NEW and is ONLY available to Clients of S&S FUNDING COMPANY (TM) that fit into OUR POLICIES of what Is and Is NOT a(n) LGBTQ+ (Senior that are at least 60 Years Old, et al), Minority LGBTQ+ (Senior that are 60 Years Old, et al), Handicap VETS (LGBTQ+ or NOT) and they MUST provide us with a TRUE copy of their DD214 form prior to any funds being release and/or approved, True Allies of the LGBTQ+ Community, et al.

Now any and all Programs offered will be Non - Recourse, at which S&S Funding Company (TM) will borne any losses on ALL NON - RECOURSE Funding so approved by the parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), as well as S&S Funding Company (TM)...any and all funding can be as low as $USD 25,000.00, up to as high as $USD 500,000.00 per deal by authorized dealers/dealerships ONLY and within the USA and Canada ONLY. Now the NU/NEW S&S Funding Company (TM) Auto Financing is a 100% Alternative Finance Company and is in no way shape or form any type or similar to that of a Traditional Financial Auto Loan done by a Bank, et al this program will start on 8/05/2022 now all we require is a(n) voucher from the Client(s) to ANY and ALL Officially License Car Dealership(s) within their State(s) and/or Country(ies) at which once said voucher has been submitted to us for Payment said Dealership(s) will be given his/her funds within 24 hours, but no more less than 72 hours at which said funds will be place in the Dealership's Business Account by Bank Wire Transfer in US Dollars Only., OUR EMAIL ADDRESS is: www.ssfundingcompany88@gmail.com at which We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) YOU can directly contact us. Now this Information was UPDATED on Sept 14, 2022 and is CURRENT...any and all information prior to this date of any UPDATES are worthless and is NOT valid.