The BITCOIN(R) Market Is it better than GOLD?

Now Sure the BITCOIN(R) Market has gone mainstream, but the real HONEST question is that does it belong within my PORTFOLIO?









I would Answer that Question...with a simple ANSWER, that is UP TO YOU THE CLIENT in what direction YOU would like to take...the ANSWER that we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) again say - it is UP to YOU the Client, but the HIGH RISK at times is worth the RISK, but it needs to be handled with KID Gloves and we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) got that covered!?.

The digital currency Bitcoin Market is on the raise, it even at one point in History hit a high of $USD 75K, and many even BILLIONAIRE(S) started to TALK and at some points some even thought that Bitcoins were a better investment than GOLDsome still do!?...but over time the Bitcoin Market started to loss some of it LUSTER/VALUE, again as in any INVESTMENT YOU are always taking a RISK, so, if Bitcoins are down lets say today, they just might go up the NEXT day to well over $USD 75K so YOU just might wish to be on the GROUND FLOOR on this one, but if this is YOUR RETIREMENT MONEY/FUNDS, the RISK may be TOO HIGH for YOU at this, instead of going HIGH, just invest a mere $USD 2100.00 and add to that every three (3) months (a mere $USD 100.00 in either or both GOLD or Digital Currency), just as a SAFETY NET.






Now, if YOU wish to READ up on bitcoin and its NEWS/MARKET go to, this is a FIRST START, now its "NOT" any form of guarantee(d) or endorsement...its that @ S&S Funding Company (TM) believe in that the MORE INFORMATION YOU have is a better fit, be it from us directly or another source, as long as it gives YOU the Client the actual PRO'S and CON'S of the Bitcoin Market its COOL, but that is NOT the case with every Magazine or Newsletter/paper just because they have the WORD(S) of BITCOIN in them don't mean a HELL OF BEANS, if what they claim is BULLSH*T and their is N-O, no factual evidence to backup their information on the subject matter(s) - but hey, if YOU just it after YOU were told that the information is NOT valid, but YOU make the investment ONLY to loose everything - that is SAD, but hey YOU were TOLD NOT to VENTURE FORTH, but YOU we cannot fix that problem(s), period - WE ARE NOT G-d - SORRY, we @ S&S Funding Company (TM) hope they are the REAL DEAL, but we will not HOLD OUR BREATH concerning this part of the matter! As NOTE BITCOIN'S are 100% SAFE, as well as SECURE but like any investment BITCOIN'S do have a HIGH RISK FACTOR, so again make sure this is the direction YOU wish to VENTURE FORTH, if so S&S Funding Company (TM) got YOU concerning this and much more.












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The Non - Recourse Transaction Program (SM) will Start again sometime after 11/05/2023, in other WORD(S) the Investment Program will start on 10/30/2023 @ 12 Noon (MST), and any EMAILS signed up will be PLACED within the PROGRAM, unless otherwise the Client(s) in written form ask that he or she is NOT, so, placed in this Program, at which they will only be on the NEWSLETTER EMAIL Service Only.