The truth behind some Banks, Financial Companies from around the world doing business in the USA concerning outright Racism, Prejudice, Hate, Homophobia, Transphobia, Xenophobia, et al

S&S Funding Company (TM)




Now what YOU are about to read is Factual and have been Investigated by numerous sources by us @ S&S Funding Company (TM) and its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), and any and all information that is INCORRECT we ask that such proof, as well as any evidence be EMIALED to us @ Immediately at which upon receipt we will correct such information without DELAYS.











Now the following list is an ACTUAL REAL LIST of numerous banks, et al claiming that they are "NOT" RACIST, PREJUDICE, NOR HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC, ET AL (they can lie to their friends, but NOT to Us anymore) but past and current situation state and show otherwise.



1. Chase(R) Bank

Sugarland, TX




Did deny a female Doctor to OPEN a bank account solely based on her color of skin for numerous reports from SOCIAL MEDIA, et al the Officers of the bank did NOT do anything to INSURE that the $USD 16K check was good and/or bad, said the bank could have checked the MICR Routing Number(s) on the Check, but they did "NOT" if the bank felt somewhat uncomfortable with OPENING the Banking account...but this was NEVER done, period and Chase from numerous sources have a very LONG HISTORY of RACISM, et al they have financed Slavery in the past (and are PART OF RACISM, and More) as the list goes on and on.


From Chase, they stated that at "NO" time is such is NOT true, if so, then they will provide actual evidence that such is NOT TRUE in whole as well as part, everyone has a past some good, while others are very bad and racist and hateful, they claim they will POST such on their WEBSITE, comment(s) if they did and send us a DOWNLOAD LINK to this - THANK YOU.

The funny part is that We have found a number of SO-CALLED Black Owned and Operated Businesses, Minority Women-Owned and Operated Businesses and some GMO Businesses having accounts with them even after they KNOW the past history of the bank and RACISM, et al, in other words, they drank the BULLSH*T KOOL-AID, but again after I the CEO of S&S Funding Company (TM), et al have decided to NO LONGER WILL ANYONE DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED TO THIS COMPANY BE SO ALLOWED TO HOLD ANY ACCOUNTS WITH THE SAID BANK(S), NOR DO ANY BUSINESS WITH CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, and/or any of its Divisions, et al wholly owned and/or partly owned, starting on 3/5/2022.

And the list goes on keep checking the WEBSITE FOR UPDATED INFORMATION AND MORE...we are also going to list JUST the Names of the Companies and the states they are in...who have accounts with the banks of Racist, et al past, YOU be the JUDGE if YOU shall stay with them or TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THOSE WHO REALLY DO CARE FOR YOU AND YOUR COLOR OF SKIN OR SEXUALITY.

Many have asked if the information is FACTUAL, it is 100% FACTUAL, if NOT We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) wouldn't report it or list it, period... again, but it YOU the Client(s) or Non - Client(s) who must be the JUDGE OF WHAT YOU READ...and decide if this is the right fit for YOU and/or YOUR BUSINESS(ES), it's call, but a RACIST, AS WELL AS A HATER/LIAR, will always be what he or she is while claiming the opposite, and they hate YOU and whatever YOU STAND FOR unless YOU agree with them and HATE ALSO...BUT THAT IS NOT US EVER @ S&S Funding Company (TM).




Hate to say it but everyone seems to apologize after they get caught or such blows up on Social Media, but I hope NO ONE is going to fall for that OUR RIGHT BULLSH*T, that's called GOTTA, and any apology is way too LATE, since most People of Color have been dealing with this for well over 350 Years, so YOUR apologies fall on DEATHS EARS, since YOU are somewhat educated and "KNOW" such behavior is UNACCEPTABLE in this TIME AND PLACE...SO, PLEASE WHAT IS NEXT some PR BULLSH*T, et al. We @ S&S Funding Company (TM) and its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) as of 8/2/2022 are still waiting for this information, but Chase Manhattan Bank everywhere keep Ghosting Us and NEVER answer any of OUR EMAILS, et al concerning this matter @ Hand.




2. Bank of England

London, England, UK


From the Trending Story(ies) on Twitter (R), and Facebook (R) that the Bank of England, UK Financed numerous Slavery Trade Company(ies), but have OUTRIGHT refused to prove otherwise, it should be that every company, even the best bank(s) have a past, but to LIE and DENIED something that is going to surface in time concern this ISSUES @ HAND, I would rather to face any of my past Demons, and Honey, I have some in my Closet, as do most people and N-O, no, one is above the Truth or Law(s) of the land or any countries, some may think they are, but they are "NOT".




Now in my experience doing what I do, I have found that if someone or thing is investigating YOU and they have all their DUCKS IN A ROW, about 89%, sometimes higher they are RIGHT and the TRUTH will set THEM ORYOU FREE, Yes its going to HURT NOW, but in a few weeks all will be forgotten, but only if the PUBLIC feel that YOU are very legitimate in YOUR Apology, as for me I am HARD WIRED to NOT forgiving those who have done me and/or my ancestors wrongs, such as Raped, Murdered, Hanging without reason or cause and the list goes on, they apologize TODAY, only to REPEAT it again the NEXT DAY (if not the NEXT DAY, in a FEW DAYS, STILL THE SAME, ONE IS A FOOL WHO DON'T SEE THAT), this time BILLION TIMES worst, than before, so if I as a Born Jew of Black Color I forgive "NOT" I am for AN EYE FOR AN EYE, etc..

But, I believe in the words of the LORD my G-d and He forgive, so I will say "NOT" a word one way or the other, concerning that Bank and/or those who did the wrong and/or was aware of the Past and did nothing to correct any of its error(s), until someone did the RIGHT thing and spoke up about the ERRORS OF THE PAST.


Those who bank with Bank of England, UK in His Eyes are just as Guilty, and cannot be forgiven - EVER for they know of the GREAT SIN and their ancestors allowed it, as did YOU, so the call(s) is/are not mine, but I will find out if the TRENDING STORY OF THE BANKS FUNDING OF THE SLAVE TRADE IS TRUE OR NOT JUST HEARSAY, either way I will POST THE FACTS AS I COME ACROSS THEM.